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2024 Valentine’s Gift Guide

By Lizz Panchyk

Valentine’s day is near and it’s time to pick out some gifts! Whether you’re celebrating with an SO, a Galentine or on your own, be a sweetheart and check out this list to get some ideas for this gift giving season.

I Keep a Picture in My Wallet

What’s cuter than having a picture of your SO on you at all times? At Etsy, you can personally customize this aluminum card the way you want – any picture that you choose and you can add engravings.  It’s currently listed at $15, but you can find other sellers as well.

Got a Galentine? 

Charms are a cute addition. Whether it’s on a necklace, a bracelet or keep it in your pocket. Know that you’re one half of someone else’s heart. The set is $10 at PuraVida, where many other charms can be found as well.

Walk in the Right Direction

I’m biased as all I wear are Converse, but they may make someone else very happy. Look at the cute, but subtle design. How can anyone resist? They can be found on for $75 in the Valentine’s collection

Chocolate is a Must

How can anyone go wrong with chocolate? Get a box for someone you love or get one for yourself. And if you’re feeling sweet, you can share. Lindt has boxes available for $18. 

Let Me Hear You

Bluetooth speakers are great, but even better on the go. Get this pocket-sized speaker for the music lovers at Target for $20.

You’re a Star

Want to name a star after yourself or someone else? Well, you can! Based on the area of residence, you will be able to name your visible star for $65 at Not a lot of people can say they have stars named after them. So shine bright!

It’s Barbie And It’s Ken

Still on the Barbie hype? Get these matching pins to gift to each other for $14 each. has many more options to explore to decorate your clothes, walls and backpacks!

Feeling More Like DIY?

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you make yourself. Warm someone’s heart by making these cute newspaper flowers you can tie into a bouquet, one that never goes bad. And the best part - it’s free! Tutorials can be found on YouTube or Pinterest.

Or try the art of bracelet making. Making bracelets is timeless. It’s easy, fun and a memorable gift and keepsake for years to come. It’s also a great addition to any gift as it adds that fresh “I made this special for you” aspect to it. When in doubt, DIY. Supplies can be found at any craft store!

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