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A College Survival Guide for Incoming Panthers from the Class of 2023

By Mylo Fisherman

Welcome to Adelphi, class of 2026! You, incoming first-year students, are about to embark on a journey here at Adelphi. You will make friends and memories that will last a lifetime while also gaining the academic knowledge to attain the career of your dreams. Here are just a few tips to ensure you gain the most out of your time.

Plan Ahead

If you haven’t already heard, college is very different from high school. You don’t have a

The author, Mylo Fisherman, along with the advisor and Eboard members of Students Beyond the Binary, a club for which he is the president and founder. Pictured top from left: Beck LaBarbera, Renee McNeely, Wynn Andersen; pictured from left: Mylo Fisherman, Mena Sposito, Salv Jones

bell telling you when to go to class or a teacher telling you when to hand in assignments. It is solely your responsibility to attend your classes and complete your assignments. With this being said, do not procrastinate. It is a bad habit that will not serve you well in college. Teachers rarely accept late assignments and this is why it is crucial to plan in order to ensure you can balance your academic assignments along with everything else you have going on in your life.

College grants you the opportunity and freedom to be able to decide when you want to get your work done. It isn’t like in high school when all of your work for every class is due the next day. For the majority of your classes here you will have at least a few days to complete every assignment you are given. This also means that you can get your work done in times that are optimal for you. You can work on homework at midnight or 5 in the morning; it doesn’t matter when you do your assignments as long as they get done on time.

When it comes to planning, your syllabus is your best friend. You can check and see when tests and quizzes are going to take place and when assignments are going to be due. I suggest using a planner to organize all of your syllabi to be able to prioritize what assignments need to be completed. Finding a planner that works with you is key to staying organized. I use the myHomework app and website to keep track of my assignments and assessments in addition to Google Calendar to organize my courses, work and club meetings. Being able to visually see when your work is due can allow you to complete it early in order to ensure you don’t have to stress about getting work done. Then you can focus on the other part of college, hanging out with your new friends.

Get Involved

The author, Mylo Fisherman, along with his friends and mentor that he gained through being involved on Adelphi’s campus. Pictured from left is Scott Zotto, Kennie Cervantes, Mylo Fisherman, Kori Farrell

As much of a cliche as it sounds, getting involved is a crucial way to get the most out of your college experience. As easy as it is to go back to your home or your dorm after classes are over with, part of the tuition you pay goes towards student activities so you might as well get your money's worth. You also don’t want to look back at your college years after you graduate and regret not being more involved.

Getting involved allows you to find individuals who have a similar interest in you quickly. Adelphi offers a variety of academic, social and diversity organizations, in addition to Greek life, so no matter what you are interested in, there is sure to be a group of people you will enjoy hanging out with. Additionally, becoming involved on campus allows you to network and find other students and faculty members who may be able to help you in your future academic and personal endeavors.

Reach Out

Everyone at Adelphi is striving for your success. If you have a problem with one of your courses, either notify your professor, advisor or someone in the Registrar's Office before September 26, which is the last day to drop a course for this semester. If you’re struggling in any of your classes you’re welcome to go to the Learning and Writing Center for free tutoring and tips on how to cite sources properly. You are also granted the opportunity to go to your professor’s office hours for them to directly help you with classwork you’re struggling with as well as just to talk. Although professors may seem scary and intimidating at first, they’re actually really helpful and will do everything in their power to help you perform well in their classes. The most important thing to do is communicate with your professor the moment you begin to struggle and not the day before the exam.

There is always someone at Adelphi who is willing to help you. If you’re dorming at Adelphi, you can always talk to a Resident Assistant or Residential Hall Director about anything and if you are commuting, you can talk to a Commuter Assistant. All first-year students are also assigned a Peer Assistant Leader (PAL) to help you through your first year at Adelphi. Additionally, any student is allowed access to the Student Counseling Center, which is free and confidential. Know that no matter what you are going through, the Adelphi community around you is here for you and wants to see you succeed just as much as you do.

Senior Words of Wisdom

Fellow members of the class of 2023 have some more advice to share with you. When asked what they wished they’d known as a first-year, Kelly Andreuzzi, a senior environmental science major and PAL, said, “I wish I knew how friendly and welcoming everyone was. When I first came to Adelphi, I was so nervous about making friends and would talk myself out of going to events. Everyone here has been so incredibly welcoming and friendly. I wish I knew it!”

When asked the same question, senior nursing major Jennifer Vladimir, stated, “I wish I knew how important organization and planning ahead are as a student since it’s very easy to lag behind with work and studying. My workload coming from high school was lighter so I was not prepared for all the work that comes with being a nursing student.”

Alyssa Furline, a senior communications major, had an assortment of advice for first years. “There’s a job opportunity in every department and you have time to shop around,” they said. “You have something to offer in every space you walk into. Making friends is about putting yourself out there. Getting to know and appreciate your staff and faculty opens up so many opportunities and the best way to learn networking skills through practice. Asking questions is the fastest way to get results. The Student Counseling Center can connect you to free therapy. Like, actual free therapy.”

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