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A Senior Reflection on My Time at Adelphi

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

By Nicolas Rontanini

Editor’s Note: The Delphian has an annual tradition of publishing first-person essays by senior staff members so they can talk about what their experiences were like leading the school newspaper, as well as their time as Adelphi students. Here our current editor-in-chief shares his thoughts.

For many, the end of December marks the end of the fall semester. For me, though, it marks the end of my time as an undergraduate student. I graduate at the end of December, bringing to a close four and a half years as an Adelphi Panther.

Nicolas Rontanini is the Editor-In-Chief of The Delphian

As I get closer to leaving, I realize something: that I might have learned more here than I would have had I not attended college. Coming out of high school, I was very much an introvert, relatively uncomfortable around new people I wasn’t familiar with. I could not have done as well as I have with such a shy disposition, so I knew I needed to improve my interpersonal communication. After all, how would I complete group work if I wasn’t comfortable communicating, much less become editor-in-chief of the school newspaper? As of now, I’ve grown more confident and relatively more outspoken.

Given that college can be a rather stressful time, I had to learn how to manage my time, anxiety and emotions. I learned early on how I should study, when to start assignments, what to look for when proofreading and the importance of asking for help. College does come with increased independence, but it’s important to know how to advocate for yourself.

Of course, my time here also came with its own set of challenges. The pandemic comprised a majority of my college career, starting my sophomore year and ultimately continuing until the end. Having my schedule completely change while performing my academic duties in an online environment I wasn’t familiar with was certainly a challenge. Looking back, there were lessons I learned that have since proved useful.

Ultimately, I think I learned something important. A little over four years ago, as a senior in high school, my teacher told me to be true to myself on the last day of classes. In spring 2020, I finally figured out what she meant. I committed myself to The Delphian, writing for every issue I could. I got an internship and was accepted into a communications honor society. I finally learned to focus on my strengths, not beat myself over my weaknesses. I learned that being true to who I am meant accepting those weaknesses.

Graduating from here is ultimately bittersweet. I spent four and half years developing relationships and experiences that will not only help me in the long run, but that made my time here an enjoyable experience.

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