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Adelphi's Secret UC Rooms Revealed

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Valery Vasquez

Every student and staff member at Adelphi—as well as their families and area neighbors—are aware of the University Center (UC) renovation. It was the cause for the semi-chaos of last semester as organizations needed to find new spaces to meet and classes and dining areas needed to be shuffled around or constructed. However, the good news is that the UC renovation is supposed to be finished in fall 2020. Even better news is that The Defiler has learned that the actual cause of the delays is the construction of three additional rooms that were supposed to be a surprise to the Adelphi community. But in this exclusive report, this paper is revealing the details. The news is very exciting to this reporter who as a rising sophomore had never seen the original UC.

The first secret location is the brand-new Gaming Room, dedicated to all our Adelphi gamers and also for those interested in the creation of games. The word is that there will be significant space for technology like PS4s and PlayStation and other gaming materials. That means that between classes you can now play Super Smash Bros or Pokémon with all your friends.

Chris, a second semester sophomore, said, “I’m glad to hear about the gaming room because

my last college had it, so I’m glad Adelphi is getting an upgrade.”

The Gamers Club here at Adelphi will also be pleased to hear this news.

The second new addition to the UC is the VR Room—a virtual reality room. You just put on your goggles (they will be provided in the room) and you can create your own environment, play in an already created environment (like “Jurassic Park”) or play in another student’s environment as long as they make it open for the public. Virtual Reality is the future and having a whole room to be able to play in it is a sure way to get students to relax from their midterm/final stress and come back to school focused and ready to learn.

Mylo, a first-year student, said, “I can’t wait to spend my free time in a VR room. No more hanging out at Nexus. The UC is where it is at.”

The last confirmed new addition to the UC is the Massage Center. This will be a quaint room that is for students to just sign in and learn yoga or get a massage. There students will also safely learn how to take care of their mental health and healthy ways to deal with stress. This room would help even more than the VR room for students struggling with their midterms/finals, which will improve test scores and have more students decide to join the Adelphi community when they graduate high school.

One first-year student said, “A room like this is all I ever wanted in high school and I’m so glad that Adelphi is taking notice of how important dealing with mental health and stress is.”

The UC renovation may have caused a lot of stress for the Adelphi community, but the additions of the gaming room, the VR room and the Massage Center will heighten everyone’s love of Adelphi.

However, it’s important that readers understand the construction of these new rooms is a well-guarded secret. Only time will tell—hopefully this fall—if these rooms are actually going to be a reality.

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