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Are you being doxed by TikTok?

By Amanda Rissland

TikTok has been an online platform since 2016 for users to create, share and discover short videos. With its owner, tech company ByteDance, the video-sharing app has reached more than 2 billion users.

Since TikTok is such a widely used source all around the world, cybercriminals have gained a vast opportunity to engage in activities of hacking, spamming and stealing user’s personal information. Doxing has become more prominent on TikTok, especially towards those who fall victim to online harassment. Many users are free to express their own opinions, but others will argue and it leads to such extents of doxing. Doxing involves revealing someone’s true identity and personal information.

Since this is a privacy issue, there is enough evidence on just this one platform alone to call for privacy reform in the media. There is no reason to protect those who dox. Social media should not tolerate or exempt this type of behavior.

On the other hand, keeping your account private can aid in protecting yourself and your personal information. A 2021 Pragmatic Paranoia article on how to avoid getting doxed on TikTok, by Mischa Untaga, offers insight on how to keep your account protected. Users should follow protocols to minimize the odds of being hacked or doxed. Opening sketchy links should be avoided and authentication verification of your social media platforms should be enabled as it can provide extra protection for your accounts.

Amanda Rissland

Franklin Square, New York


Amanda Rissland is a student at Adelphi University studying Cyber Law & Ethics.

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