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As Humans Grow Ill, the Earth Begins to Heal

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Jade McClinton-Dorley

Amidst the pervasive panic we’re all experiencing, there is a bright side: our earth is healing. You read that correctly. Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, millions of people were debating about whether climate change/global warming was real and let the record show that it is real; just ask the polar bears in Antarctica floating on melting ice pieces. We could have done a lot of things to help our earth get better, or at least, prevent global warming from getting worse. For example, more people could use solar panels as an energy source, waste less food or drive fuel-efficient cars. But not enough people care or try hard to help the cause. Now we are in 2020 where the coronavirus pandemic is forcing millions of people across the world to stay indoors to stop the spread of this virus.

If you were to step outside right now (although I don’t advise you do), it might look like a scene from “The Walking Dead,” because almost everything is abandoned, and nobody is really outside. Nonetheless, it is because millions of people across the world are staying indoors that our earth is healing. Yahoo! News reported that because fewer people are using mass transportation and cars, seismologists noticed an astounding drop in seismic noise within the earth. Apparently, the fact that there are fewer vibrations in the earth’s crust can actually help seismologists better detect volcanic activity and small earthquakes.

Aside from the earth’s vibrations gradually decreasing, the global air quality has also improved. China is one of the largest countries in the world and it is known for having air quality so bad that people had to wear masks before the pandemic because the air would make people sick. However, since the lockdown started, the air in China is way less polluted than it was prior to social distancing and lockdown measures, as reported by “The Atlantic.”

Even Italy is experiencing some earthly healing. The mysterious, murky waters of Venice have started clearing up since there is little to no boat traffic within them. The fish, swans and other birds have returned to the canals, as stated by “Country Living.”

I could go on about other ways that the earth is healing during this worldwide pandemic, but even the few examples mentioned above are enough to blow anybody’s mind away. They might even make you think harder about how much human behavior and activity play roles in climate change. Let’s see how much our earth will change and grow stronger in the weeks or months to come. Although the situation is horrific, it might teach us more lessons about our world than just how to support humankind.

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