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Communications Department Aids Student Actors and Filmmakers With Audition Mixer

By Nicolas Rontanini

For many students, finding someone to work with can be especially challenging, particularly for students studying film-related majors. As such, on Monday, September 12, the Adelphi Communications Department hosted an audition and mixer meant to introduce student filmmakers to actors and vice versa, with the goal of facilitating a working relationship for students to utilize when casting their films.

Starting at 6:30 pm in Blodgett Hall, room 108, the evening kicked off with student actors

The Communications Department adver- tises its mixer to students in Blodgett Hall. Photo by Nicolas Rontanini

reading memorized monologues they had prepared ahead of time. Students stood in the front of the room and their performances were recorded by students in the department. This type of audition has been held by the Communications Department both in person and online. Though somewhat harder to schedule, having the event in person brings several benefits to the table.

“Students need to be up close and personal with each other in a way that Zoom can’t provide,” said Terrance Ross, a professor in the department who helped set up the event. “There is more energy and more potential for energy when you are in person.”

Many students who performed feel similarly, preferring an in-person environment to its online counterpart.

“It was very stress relieving to be up on my feet in person,” said Nicholas Amodio, a senior acting major, who performed a monologue from “Midsummer Night’s Dream.” “The Zoom performances just don’t give flavor, because you’re just in a chair all throughout the show, it just doesn’t feel physical.”

After the audition segment of the night, filmmakers and actors were encouraged to socialize with one another and share about their passions and projects they are working on. Because the pandemic shut down many of these interactions, this socialization proved important for students to discuss potential opportunities.

“I think some of a college student’s best conversations and learning moments happen when they are talking together about art or projects or life, as well as when they get a chance to collaborate,” Ross said.

Overall, both the mixer and audition help to serve student filmmakers and actors, by providing an additional resource for them to utilize.

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