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Fall Panther Preview: Panthers Look Forward to Competition Prospects

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

By Maxmillian Robinson

The Panther fall season has been made possible with the mandate that all students, athletes and staff get vaccinated, raising anticipation for a complete sports schedule.

Panther fans are prepared to cheer on all Adelphi sports teams, returning to the stands under new safety guidelines.

“I am excited to get back into the new season,” said Skyler Nenadich, a junior women’s swim athlete. “I feel motivated to work hard every day in order to accomplish my goals. I am looking forward to this season more than others given the fact that it has been over a year since I have completed due to the pandemic.”

Men’s soccer star Paolo Marciano said, “I can’t wait [for the season] to start. I have been waiting for this moment since our last game in November 2019. It’s been a tough period, but I’m very happy to start playing again and enjoy every single practice with my teammates and the coaching staff.”

On top of a new season, comes new opportunities and a fresh start to growth in a player.

“We have worked hard during this time and have been patient throughout this period in which the pandemic has caused so much change to our regular lives,” Marciano said. “But now, finally the moment we were waiting for has arrived and we will be ready for the new beginning.”

Other athletes seem to agree.

“A new season means new opportunities so I am looking forward to getting back to training and competing with my team,” said women’s track athlete, Gabrielle Buissereth. “I'm also excited to see how much growth I have had since the last time I was able to compete in the winter.”

Athletes are to be commended for their approach to the game, being able to stay in consistent shape and perfecting their craft at their respective sport, all during a tumultuous time. For those who aim to live a healthy lifestyle, it leads them to wonder what routine would fit them best?

“I was able to train with my coach three days a week [until May] and then I began working out on my own three to four days a week,” Nenadich said. “I focused mostly on leg and core exercises because I know that it helps me get more power off the diving board.”

Marciano said he never stopped training and always maintained a healthy diet. “I tried to stay positive and day by day work hard [academically and athletically],” he said. “My routine in the off-season is to take care of my body and prepare to arrive in the best shape possible for the season. During the off-season, I tried to improve and develop new skills. I also tried to learn more about everything.”

He added that he has been reading as a hobby and he’s focused more on academics and has learned a “wide variety” of subjects.

One of things that will make the fall experience better for the athletes is that their fans will be back.

“For everyone cheering us on, our team is grateful for your support,” Buissereth said. “We hope to do you and ourselves proud out on the track once again.”

All athletes are thankful for the opportunity, with some expressions of gratitude more than ever.

“To our incredible and amazing fans, I want to say that finally the time has arrived. Finally, we will all be together again at the soccer field,” Marciano said. “I am 100 percent sure that the fans' support will be very significant for us and will give us all positive energy. I would also say to our fans, stay close to us and follow our progress because I’m sure we will bring you great joy.”

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