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Fall Sports Preview: How Some AU Athletes Are Handling the Age of Corona

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Jade McClinton-Dorley

With the global spread of COVID-19, something that can be full of uncertainty and worry is the future of fall sports. However, luckily according to Adelphi, the fall season will still proceed as planned, but with new safety precautions to keep our athletes safe. It is no doubt that the community is looking forward to getting back to the sports they love on the campus they’ve missed.

In this installment of the fall sports preview, we are going to check in with a few of our star Panthers: Paolo Marciano (a sophomore midfielder on the men’s soccer team), Isabel Marsh (a first-year on the women’s cross country team ) and Kaylana Leechow (a first-year defensive specialist on volleyball team), to hear how they have been holding up during this pandemic:

Q. How do you feel about being away from school during such an unusual period of time?

Paolo Marciano: Surely we are living a moment never experienced before. I am a little sad because I would like to be in Adelphi, in class, with my teammates and coaches. I wish everything was normal. On the other hand, I'm happy to be close to my family in Italy at such a difficult time. I hope everything ends soon. I like to be and think positively and I am sure we will come back stronger than before.

Isabel Marsh: At first I was in shock and was thrown off my routine. Having to continue classes online was a different way of learning compared to being in class. Though it wasn't ideal, it was necessary for these times. Therefore, I learn to adapt to changes and create a well-balanced routine for myself.

Isabel March and her teammates showing off

their success. All photos from AU Athletics

Kaylana Leechow: Honestly, at first I was really sad to be away from school and it felt weird to be back home at such an early time, but now that I have been home for some time I actually enjoy it. With everything negative and strange going on right now, my family and I are taking the time to turn it into something positive. We have been spending so much time together and doing a bunch of fun things that we haven't Paolo Marciano displaying endurance and

done since I was a child. So honestly, positivity during a soccer match.

I feel happy and fine being away from school because I have great people around me.

Q. What are some of your daily activities during this pandemic?

Marciano: I do some daily activities because I don't like to sit still without doing anything. I do a lot of personal workouts; I try to train as much as possible. I also spend time with my family. They are at home and take advantage of smart working. Also, I am studying every day to better prepare for the final exams.

Marsh: During this pandemic, I usually spend time doing my assignments and afterwards I like to hang out in my backyard with my dog and sisters.

Leechow: My daily activities have been pretty consistent during this pandemic because I love keeping a routine. Every day I either go for a run or if the weather is bad (like it has been recently), I am lucky enough to have a bunch of free weights and a treadmill in my house. Besides, staying active and studying, I have also been trying to pick up some new hobbies. Every day I try to find something new around the house such as painting, grooming my dog, baking or even yoga.

Q. How do you plan to prepare for your upcoming season despite facilities being closed?

Marciano: I try to train as much as possible. I will train every day and as soon as I have the chance to go out I will definitely go for a run. I will do everything I can to get ready for the next season. I cannot wait to get back.

Marsh: The good thing about cross country/track is that the sport can be practiced almost anywhere. Therefore, I can go on my runs while keeping a six-foot distance. Having to practice on my own during this time has made me love and appreciate my sport even more. Also going on a run is a great way for me to clear my mind.

Leechow: Planning for the upcoming season despite facilities being closed isn't a concern of mine. From a strength and conditioning standpoint, I am lucky enough to have a home gym. From a volleyball standpoint, I have a million balls lying around the house and fortunately, both my parents are pretty decent at playing and can hit a ball accurately. So, whenever the weather is nice outside, we always go outside and they make sure I am touching a ball and working on proper footwork and technique even if we are just playing around.

Q. Is there anyone/anything that encourages you to keep going in your sport or life in general? If so, how?

Marciano: I have been playing football since I was a child. I have always made many sacrifices. It is my passion and I will always defend it. That's what makes me happy. Also, I have a beautiful family. My father and brothers are everything to me. Yes, I have a person who spurs me to do better and better. She is my mom, who unfortunately passed away many years ago and protects me and looks at me from above. Thank you and stay safe.”

Marsh: My grandma motivates and inspires me every day. She is such a strong and independent woman that doesn't let any obstacle phase. I strive to be as tough as her.

Leechow: My peers and my family have been encouraging me to not only keep going in my sport, but more importantly, in life in general. At a time like this, I am so grateful to say that the support from those around me have been nothing but positive. Since we all have more time than usual, everyone is encouraging and inspiring each other to use this time to better themselves and improve on their weaknesses. I am so blessed to have such a great support system around me.

The overall message from our fellow Panthers is to stay strong. Although we are all stuck in lockdown for a while, find ways to encourage yourself to get through the day, have fun and be productive. Perhaps keep some kind of routine going or try to do new things. Things may not look bright right now, but sometimes we have to struggle with life a little to come out the other end stronger. Be positive and stay safe at home, Panthers!

Kaylana Leechow (bottom right corner) posing with her teammates.

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