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Finding Spanish Culture in Latino Student Association

By Kimmy Ramirez

Are you an Adelphi student who's looking for a Latin experience, activities and events? The Latino Student Association (LSA) might be an option if you are a student with any Latino background or maybe you’re just interested in the culture. The club aims to be an all-inclusive community where all students are welcome.

The Latino Student Association celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by throwing a kickoff party. Every year they hold a theme. This year's theme was Brazil. Photo by Ana Rodriguez

The LSA is exclusively run and organized by students for students with many events being planned throughout the fall and spring semesters.

LSA’s faculty advisor Sandra Castro, Associate Dean of Sociology in the College of Professional and Continuing Studies, said, “There are great leaders that are really thinking about how to bring Latino students together, but not just Latino students. So if you go to a meeting you’ll see all different types of students from different ethnic and racial backgrounds.”

The club has an active Instagram page @adelphi_lsa where they post their events such as hosting panels, bringing in speakers, field trips and fundraisers. In September, LSA hosted Raíces de los Países, which was an afternoon of trivia about Latin America. They’ve also hosted Como se Dice at which members compared the different words of the same meaning between Latin American countries. Additionally, they’ve held the Heritage of Hispanic Dances at which members discussed and practiced dances from Latin America.

Latino Student Association hosts its first meeting of the semester. Four members won $25 Amazon gift cards for having the most points from a Kahoot. Photo by Tonantzin Martinez

Students who are a part of the club can also find opportunities to also join the eBoard since every year students graduate and there will be a need for someone else to take over empty roles. Castro said, “Being on an eBoard is a really interesting experience for students especially if they plan to go to graduate school or even into the workforce.”

Vice-president Anna Varveris said, “I’ve been a part of LSA since my freshman fall semester. It was the first club I joined and one of the only ones I have stuck with throughout my undergraduate years.”

She said she joined for the sense of close community and familiarity as she is a first-generation Latina college student. “I did not know what to expect when I first came to Adelphi,” Varveris said. “Before college I was one of the very few Latinas in my entire grade. I always wanted to connect more with the Latino community outside of my home and background.”

Varveris added that her appointment to vice president marks a true growth in her college career. She has found a welcoming community that feels like a family for all Adelphi students. The Latino Student Association club meets Tuesday from 6 to 7 pm in PAC 216.

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