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For Five Coffee: The Newest Four-out- of-Five-Star Coffee Spot

By Kenneth Cervantes

It’s no doubt that almost every Long Islander runs on coffee. The most sublime part of every morning is standing in line at your favorite coffee shop and taking in the aroma of those lightly caramelized beans with a hint of nuttiness. If you’re ever craving that rejuvenating daily dose of caffeine, forget about Starbucks; For Five Coffee Roasters in Garden City is the place to go.

A former HSBC Bank has now been transformed into the newest spot for the coffee chain, For Five Coffee Roasters. Originally opening up with their Manhasset franchise in 2017, For Five Coffee Roasters unveiled their Garden City shop in August. It’s their largest expansion yet, and also the furthest east on Long Island.

You can find this new location on Seventh Street, the heart of Garden City abundant with the most opulent cafés, markets and boutiques.

As you step inside, you’re immediately welcomed by dulcet tunes from indie artists and a modern Bohemian chic aesthetic. The decor is perfect for any selfie-taker. The large neon sign at the entrance illuminates the room with a pink undertone. Take a seat on the comfy brown leather couches next to marble coffee tables and bookshelves adorned with porcelain figurines. Pots of greenery add a pop of color to the beige walls. Seating is seldom an issue with tables and booths that can accommodate up to eight. There’s even an option for outdoor seating.

As you order at the front counter, your barista greets you with an inviting smile. Unfamiliar with coffee terminology or need a quick description of one of the menu items? No need to fret; the staff will gladly explain to you and even provide their personal recommendations. The menu contains a plethora of dishes of various cultures and tastes. For breakfast you can indulge in the sweetness of a mermaid açaí bowl ($18.95) with blended açaí berries, bananas, blueberries, coconut shreds and quinoa puffs, or you can have something savory like a Mediterranean omelet ($19.95) cooked to perfection with egg whites, roasted red peppers, spinach and creamy feta cheese. For lunch, you can feast on a Japanese chicken sandwich ($21.95) topped with crispy bacon, sliced avocado, Japanese kewpie mayo and a sweet coleslaw, or opt for something classic like a tuna sandwich ($18.95). You can even find a wide array of pastries at the front counter ranging from cookies to brownies to croissants. The menu is also accommodating for those with dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, dairy-free, nut allergy, vegetarian and vegan.

But it’s the coffee that puts this place on the map. For Five Coffee Roasters utilizes more than 18 blends from coffee beans around the world, including Ethiopia and Colombia. Best friends-turned business partners Stefanos Vouvoudakis and Tom Tsiplakos even added their Greek roots to the menu. One of their most popular drinks is “The Freddo” ($6), a beloved Greek beverage crafted by blending a shot of espresso with sugar and ice, which creates an airy foam. The foam is then poured over ice and a cappuccino base. While The Freddo is typically savored on hotter, sunnier days, you’re certain to enjoy it any time of the year. The foam is so sweet and fluffy, you’d swear you’re drinking a cloud.

On a scale of one to five, with one being the worst, For Five Coffee Roasters in Garden City deserves a solid four stars. From the menu to the staff to the overall ambiance, this place is perfect for any coffee connoisseur. The only caveats are the wait time and the pricing is a bit high for the many students’ budgets. Because this venue is so new, many a coffee drinker will be queueing for almost 20 minutes to place their order, despite the baristas’ speedy brewing skills. The breakfast and lunch items also cost a pretty penny; $18.95 for some falafel? At least the luxurious flavors compensate for these outrageous prices. But what else can you expect when you’re in a town as bougie as Garden City?

If you ever want that morning cup of Joe or are looking to delight in some upscale café foods, you can visit For Five Coffee Roasters from Saturdays to Thursdays from 7 am to 8:30 pm or on Fridays from 7 am to 10 pm. They are located at 147 Seventh St. in Garden City and you can call them at 516-271-9100. You can also catch up with them on Instagram at @forfive.

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