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Graduate Student Reflects on Time on the Swim Team and the Current Season

By Andrew Smith

The men’s swim team is in the middle of a very competitive season and has achieved impressive results throughout the early part of the year. Captain Brian Klotsche is continuing to lead the team to success and reflect on his accomplishments as a Panther.

Klotsche is in the MBA program with a concentration in finance. He is currently in his fifth year, and is looking forward to graduating in spring 2023. Klotsche has been a captain for four of his five years with the team.

He said of his offseason training program, “During the off season I usually try to train seven times a week. Those include four strength training and three swimming. During a time where there is no competition and less swimming, it’s important to increase a swimmer’s strength for the upcoming season.”

Klotsche in the final lap of a match. Photo by AU Athletics.

He added, “It is key to train all the muscles in your body because swimming uses every muscle in the body. Due to the fact that swimming involves a lot of cardio, it’s important for a swimmer to stay in the best shape they can.”

Special memories play an integral part in an athlete's time on a team. They remind athletes of their positive experiences they had on the team. Klotsche reflected on his favorite time as a Panther. “My favorite memory on the team was going on our training trip in January 2020. We flew to Stuart, Florida, and trained for one week there. During this time, we trained twice a day, every day and it was very tough. We swam outside for every practice, which felt amazing coming from New York where every pool is indoors. It was nice to be outside in 75-degree weather in the middle of January.”

Klotsche continued, “The pool was also an Olympic size pool, which was great to train in for a week. We swam in multiple meets and competed against some of the best teams in the nation.”

Klotsche has been a captain of the team for four years. Photo by AU Athletics.

Klotsche added on how this trip served as a team-bonding experience. “Not only did we train, but in between practices, we were able to explore a part of Florida that I never would have gone to. We went to beaches, went on hikes and other things. We bonded as a team and it helped lead us to a successful rest of the season.”

Regarding the current season and where he hopes the team will finish, the captain said: “My expectations for the upcoming season is to finish top three in the conference in my events (100 fly, 100 backstroke and 200 backstroke). As well, I would like the relays I am in (200 medley, 200 Freestyle and 400 medley relay) to finish top three. As a team, we are looking to finish third in the conference.”

With their dedication and hard work, these goals are proving attainable.

Klotsche said he wants to thank his teammates and his coach for always being there for him during his time at Adelphi. “When you’re in the middle of the season, you see your teammates and coach every day, twice a day. I often see them more than I see my family at home. My teammates and coach are truly like family to me. They have gotten me through the toughest points of my life and have always supported me.”

Klotsche added, “Coach [Marc] Danin truly has turned this team around into a well-functioning group that all have each other’s back. In my 10 years of competitive swimming, I can truly say that Coach Danin is the best coach I have ever had.”

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