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How Adelphi's Athletes Occupy Themselves During Quarantine

By: Maxmillian Robinson

As of July 16, 2020, the NE-10 conference in which Adelphi participates issued a statement ordering all sports canceled until 2021. The conference's council of presidents voted “unanimously” to suspend all competition through December 31. This prompted Adelphi’s President Christine Riordan to say about the ruling: “"It was a heartbreaking decision to have to make -- to delay our student athletes' play and competition further, especially knowing what they have sacrificed already.”

In the meantime, our Panther athletes are not idle. They may not be participating in the sport they signed on for just yet, but they’re not letting that stop them from pursuing other interests.

Aside from babysitting and spending time with family and friends, I have really enjoyed cooking the past couple months,” said track and field runner Gabrielle Buissereth. “Definitely not an expert, but I’ve made some progress.”

Paolo Marciano, an Adelphi’s men’s soccer player from Italy, also shared an interest in cooking. “During this difficult time, I have re-discovered my passion for cooking, this is something I used to do with my grandma when I was little. My favorite hobby during this pandemic has been cooking with my family and especially with my dad. I have prepared a lot of dishes, but my favorite meal is to make pizza. In my home country it is a tradition to make homemade pizza and something I really enjoy doing.

“Another hobby that I have picked up during this challenging time has been reading books,” Marciano continued. “My favorite books to read are autobiographies and biographies about famous people and their life story.”

Track and field runner Gabrielle Buissereth has

been cooking and focusing on her nursing studies.

Bianca Banchin, a women's field hockey player, said, “During this pandemic I have spent a lot of time reading and painting. I’ve really enjoyed having extra time to partake in these hobbies.”

This hiatus from sports for these athletes gives us insight on what their lives would be like without the sport they play.

Aside from track, I’m currently at Adelphi to become a registered nurse,” Buissereth said. “If I weren’t an athlete, I think I would use that free time to do a service project abroad with my close friends. I think it would be such an enriching experience with great memories.”

Banchin said that if she weren’t an athlete, “I would spend my extra time working with individuals with disabilities. I am very passionate about helping and caring for individuals with disabilities and would spend my time being involved in the Adelphi Bridges program.”

What makes athletes unique? What skills have our players adapted, or maybe genetically inherited, that makes them so special?

Women's field hockey player Bianca Banchin has

been reading and painting during the sports hiatus.

“During my time at Adelphi, I am acquiring skills and knowledge that is helping me in both my career as a student and as an athlete,” Marciano said. “I consider myself a social and bright person and I like to make new friends. I have leadership skills, an attentive mind and I like to set goals and do my best to achieve them. All of these skills are continually helping me perform well in my sport. Setting goals is an important skill for me and I believe with perseverance and hard work these goals can be achieved. I believe that hard work and dedication always get rewarded. I consider myself someone who always wants the best from myself in every situation and aspect of my life.”

Consistency is key. Just ask Buissereth. “When it comes to staying consistent, I really rely on my ability to self-discipline and focus.”

Paolo Marciano, men's soccer player and NE-10 player of the year last season, has been cooking and reading.

Photo credits: All photos included with this article from AU Athletics.

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