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How the “Voice of the Students,” The Delphian, Gets Made

By Lizz Panchyk

Have you ever wondered how our newspaper gets made? As far as you know, issues come about every three weeks, and students deliver them all around campus. But how do we get to that point?

The Delphian goes to the printer on a Thursday and gets delivered the following Monday (of the scheduled time period).

Before that time, article ideas are thought up by our editors. This occurs during the time that The Delphian is being printed, so ideas can be presented at the meeting that Monday. Meetings take place every three weeks (when the paper comes out) in the Earle Hall basement, room 007. During the meeting and even days after, articles are claimed and written over the next week. Then student writers interview students and staff on campus to report and then write their articles.

As the articles trickle in from editors and staff writers, they are being reviewed and edited by the designated section editor, the faculty advisor and editor-in-chief.

We organize all the articles through Google Drive in folders, section by section, and they get shared with the production team to establish the best way to present the articles in our paper.

We have about a week and a half of editing, layout and proofreading to accomplish before we send a finalized PDF copy to be uploaded to Richner Communications where they prepare it to print. They’re a newspaper company right here in Garden City, founded in 1964.

After the issue goes to the printer, we then upload all the articles to our website,, where they live permanently. This academic year, we published 11 issues, and you can find them all on our site. You can also always find a print copy in the racks around campus.

And if you want to join us in the fall, contact us at You’ll get hands-on professional experience and the chance to join a club that provides the entire Adelphi community with the voice of the students.

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