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How to Make the Most Out of This Year's Opportunities

By: Jake Malone

There has never been a new college semester quite like this one. In the spring, students were sent into a frenzy when forced out of their dorm rooms and back home in a moment's notice. Students were asked to adjust on the fly as schools scrambled to finish out the already half-completed semester as effectively as possible. Today, although students may not have had their normal first-day jitters about where to eat on campus or which friends to catch up with first, there is still a world of opportunity out there for those who are seeking it.

It would be easy to chalk up this semester, and perhaps the entire school year, as a waste and decide to slack off, doing the bare minimum. You can use the challenging situation we have found ourselves in as an excuse, or you can see it as a chance to capitalize on a world of chances.

Getting connected with at least one of your professors would be a terrific way to succeed. Frank Supovitz, an adjunct professor in the sports management department, agreed it’s helpful to interact with your professors this semester.

The new RA staff of Resident Hall A get set to

welcome back their residents for a new fall

semester. Photo credit @reshalla_au on Instagram

"When you're sitting in the classroom, your enthusiasm and body language show how actively you are engaging with the instructor and the coursework. It's no different online, but it definitely takes more effort,” he said. “It is more important than ever to `be present’ and to break through the postage stamp of the Zoom window.”

When it comes to socialization, if you happen to be a resident this year, connect with students who live in your residence hall. Resident Assistant programs will be 100 percent online this semester so you get to meet new people who live in the building while also doing some fun activities. Additionally, the residence hall lounges are open for you to socialize with your hall-mates.

Going to events on campus can be intimidating if you have to go by yourself. These days all you need to do is sit in front of your laptop from the comfort of your room, which should ease the pressure.

It has also never been a better time to really get to know your floormates and all the other students in the building since, according to the restart guidelines, you are only allowed to have guests in your room who live in your building. Some look at this as a negative, but it has the capability to help you get out of your comfort zone and make new friends you may not have come across in a normal school year.

I have been a resident at Adelphi for three years and the number of friends I have made just because they lived in the same building as me has been really surprising. Bringing your whole building together this year can make you forget that you aren't allowed to be in any of the other residence halls.

Throughout the semester Adelphi will also be holding many online events that can help you sharpen your skills. The main website will be filled with events that are going on during the semester that you can take advantage of. A lot of learning can be done inside the classroom, but there is a lot of learning that can be done outside of class that you may not necessarily be taught, such as how to network or how to go on a successful job interview.

There are also great clubs on campus that will still be operating online. For instance, The Delphian offers an opportunity to develop your professional writing skills. Even if you don’t want to become a professional writer, this experience will help you to become a stronger thinker, help you to get your points across efficiently, and you can write about topics that are interesting to you. If there is a topic you feel strongly about, you can most likely write an article to be featured in the school paper.

Lastly, Greek life is still alive and well at the school. Recruitment week is an effective way of meeting Adelphi students. Most of the events will be online, so there is much less pressure than having to go somewhere by yourself.

Being a member of a fraternity on campus was one of the best moves I could have made during my time at Adelphi. The connections and friendships you can make can help you both professionally and personally.

Sophia Muratore, a senior nursing major and the president of the Panhellenic Council, said, “Joining a sorority is a great way to get involved on campus. Although this semester isn’t what we thought it would be, fall recruitment is happening for four different sororities. Each sorority is so excited to recruit some new members and meet everyone.”

She continued, “Virtual events, chapter meetings and other things are still going on within Greek life and going through fall recruitment for a sorority is totally worth it. We are making the most of this semester and I hope you can too.”

This year students can choose to see it as a unique circumstance that you can use for your benefit instead of wishing it was just another typical year.

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