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I’m a Panther, I’m Lost, Where Do I Go?!?! A Guide for Finding Your Way Around Campus

By Jamie Gesell

If you are new to campus—or haven’t been on campus for a while due to Covid—you may still be struggling to navigate your way around. This is a helpful guide to orient yourself, as well as highlight some spots you may not even know we have, like a research and holographic studio lab and a preschool.

When you first enter campus from South Avenue, you will first see an orange building with big windows called the Nexus Building. This is where you will find Adelphi’s College of Nursing and Public Health. Across from it is Levermore Hall, where you can get your ID and vehicle registration. Next to Nexus is the Swirbul Library, a good place to read, study and do some homework. Next to the library is the William J Bonomo baseball field, which is surrounded by residence halls A, B, Eddy, Linen and Chapman Hall.

In the lower level of Chapman Hall, you will find the Learning Resource Program, which Dennis Cowan, senior clinical educator in the program, said is an excellent resource for those who have issues with learning disabilities and attention deficits.

“This program provides much needed additional support for students. It has been in existence on campus for over 40 years,” he added.

For anyone who plays softball—or is a fan—there is the Ficke Softball field, which is by Residence Hall A and the front parking lot of Nexus. Facing the baseball field is Blodgett Hall, home to the departments of Physics, Sociology, Political Science, Communications and Art. It also houses research and holographic studio labs. These labs contain computers, optical tables, lasers and other cool devices. So if you are a physics major, this is right up your alley.

Behind Blodgett is a round building called the Science Building. This is where most labs take place and where the College of Arts and Sciences and Environmental Studies Departments are located. Next to it is the Performing Arts Center (PAC) where the departments of Music, Dance and Theater are located. This is also where major play and dance productions occur, including a wide selection starting on Sept. 24. Not only does Adelphi use the PAC center, but other organizations can rent out the place to put on their own productions.

Next to that is the Center for Recreation and Sports (CRS), which is conjoined with Woodruff Hall. CRS is where you’ll find the Department of Athletics and spaces for practicing sports such as swimming, basketball and volleyball. Woodruff Hall is where you will find the gym and departments such as Exercise Science, Health Studies, Physical Education and Sports Management.

Across the parking lot from Woodruff is the Hagedon Hall of Enterprise (HHE). This is where most business classes take place. The Willumstad School of Business, James Riley Jr Trading Room and Office of Information Technology are located within this building. These schools are also a Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner where you can use special terminals to learn more about financing and further your career in business.

“One of the best features about HHE are the classrooms. I went into the classroom and was able to carry out my classes smoothly both in person and online,” said assistant professor Raghida Abdallah Yassine. “Our classrooms are equipped for HyFlex and this made it easy to accommodate students who are unable to attend in person. Live-streaming is made easier with high-tech innovation in the classrooms.”

Next to the Hall of Enterprise is the new Ruth S Harley University Center. Commonly referred to as the UC, this is where you will find the bookstore, dining hall and Starbucks.

“The UC is really nice and it’s a lot to describe, especially with all the food. I go there often by walking through Nexus. I think they did really good at renovating it,” said junior management major Jason Wu.

In the back of the campus, behind the CRS, you will find some soccer fields and tennis courts, a good place to get in some practice. Next to them is the Alice Brown Early Learning Center, a preschool where education majors can work and Adelphi employees can utilize it for their children. Across from there you will find a square of halls, two of them for residence, Earle and Waldo, and the other two, Harvey and Alumnae for classes for departments such as Levermore Scholars, College of Education and Health Science and Center for International Education.

Behind this square is Post Hall where you will find the Student Access Office, C-Store and Adelphi shuttles. Next to that and the square is the Social Work building where you will find most social work classes. In the way back, behind Post Hall, is the Adele and Herbert J Klapper Center for Fine Arts. This building is where you will find areas dedicated to arts like painting, printmaking and ceramics.

Finally, just off the main campus on Cambridge Avenue, is the Hy Weinberg Center for Communication Disorders. This is home to the department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and provides classes for speech-language pathology, audiology and communication disorders.

We hope this guide is a useful tool to help you navigate around campus. For more information, visit, an interactive campus map that shows you all of the buildings on Adelphi and what they contain. In addition, download and print a physical copy of the Adelphi map at Stay on track, Panthers!

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