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Maxmillian Robinson: The Game Changer

By Mitch Cohen

If Adelphi University senior Maxmillian Robinson seems familiar, there’s a reason for

that. You’ve probably seen his name in the newspaper. Or maybe you’ve seen his face on TV.

When Robinson isn’t busy putting out a new issue of Adelphi’s student newspaper, The

Delphian, the communications major works as a model and has also appeared in popular TV

shows such as Mr. Robot. In between running from class to editorial meetings to TV gigs, he

somehow finds time to run his own clothing business, Millianmade LLC. Through all these

projects, Robinson looks to build a name for himself in various areas of entertainment.

Maxmillian at Yankee Stadium, wearing a hat, representing his business MillianMade ( (Photo via Instagram: @kingmaxmillian)

Many college students have dreams about being on television. Yet how many of them can say they have appeared on the big screen? Robinson is a student who was lucky enough to act in not just one show, but several. In his YouTube video titled Me on the Big Screen, Robinson details how his acting journey began when he was 16, during his junior year of high school. During this time, he became a part of his school’s morning news announcements. By

participating in this club, he was able to put himself out there and get noticed by his peers. This eventually led Robinson to attend acting school for the next seven months. Here, he learned skills including script reading and improv. His first audition was a showcase in front of

Hollywood agents. In the end, his audition was so successful that he was able to sign with an

acting company.

As for the types of roles that Robinson got, it was a combination of both speaking and

background roles. Robinson’s first speaking role in television was on a show called Finding

Ourselves. “I was the high school bully who played on the soccer team,” said Robinson. In

terms of non-speaking roles, one of Robinson’s favorites was on a show called In Pursuit with

John Walsh. This show involves victims rights advocate John Walsh and his son Callahan

showcasing time-sensitive, unsolved cases that need to be investigated. As for Robinsons’ role in the series, he appears in the episode Campus Tragedy as David. David is a high school athlete who goes to Virginia for a college party which turns deadly. These two roles acted as the catalyst for Robinson’s acting career to flourish, as he appeared in other shows such as Mr. Robot and Power Book III: Raising Kanan.

Robinson (second from right), made a cameo in season one of the television series Power III: Raising Kanan. (Photo via Instagram: @kingmaxmillian).

When it comes to the world of fashion, this is another area of entertainment that Robinson excels in. Similar to acting, Robinson also got into fashion during his junior year of high school. Here, he participated in his school's Prom Preview event, which was a great way for him to gain school connections. He participated in the event the following year, but he didn’t compete in it again due to graduating. After high school, Robinson decided to search for more modeling opportunities, leading him to a site that focused on choosing the best pictures. Robinson was only a rookie at his first show, yet he used this as a learning experience. While at this show, Robinson learned three important rules, which included not smiling, not walking like there was a potato in his pants, and to take his time.

Robinson walks in the New York Fashion Week show for mens collection back in February 2020. (Photo via Instagram: @kingmaxmillian)

Not only does Robinson model other people’s clothing brands, but he also has his own

brand called Millianmade LLC. Prior to this brand, Robinson had another business with his

older brother, but it was discontinued. This led Robinson to create Millianmade LLC, which was formed in 2018. On Adelphi’s campus, you will see Robinson wearing his Millianmade clothes everywhere. As for the brand's focus, Millianmade specializes in selling retail products and accessories such as T-shirts, hoodies, and even scarves. Robinson is so devoted to his brand that he does all his own deliveries to satisfy his customers.

As for the meaning of Millianmade, Robinson states that the goal of his brand is to

encourage people to be happy for who they are. On his website, Robinsons’ motto is that “it

doesn’t matter where you started or where you [came] from, but with hard work and

determination, you can do anything you put your mind to”. This mindset has been reinforced in customer testimonials, which give the brand a lot of praise. According to one customer, “everytime [she] looks at [the] Made logo on [her] chest, it reminds [her] that [she] can change the game”. Through Millianmade, Robinson and his customers are able to feel a sense of inspiration when it comes to facing obstacles in life.

Alongside getting recognition from his customers, Robinson has also received praise

from students and faculty at Adelphi University. "Students and professors are inspired by my business and encouraged me to work hard" said Robinson. One professor who encouraged him to work hard was Professor Liza Burby. Burby is the Advisor of Adelphi University's newspaper, The Delphian. Burby first met Robinson during the 2019-2020 school year. They had a meeting about becoming involved with the paper, leading to Robinson working as a sports editor. Eventually, he worked his way up to become the editor-in-chief. In terms of advice to give Robinson, Burby encouraged him not to spread too thin. This means mastering one pursuit instead of trying to master several at once. "College is the perfect time for career goals and [Robinson] has to watch out for himself," said Burby.

Not only are Adelphi faculty impressed with Robinson's work ethic, but the students are

as well. One student who was impressed with Robinson's work ethic was Bianca Viana. Viana, a junior nursing major, first met Robinson during her freshman year when she was a staff writer. She remembered seeing him sit with the other editors, which inspired her to become the features and entertainment editor for The Delphian. "You could tell [Robinson] wanted to be there and enjoyed every minute of his time there," said Viana. Unlike Prof. Burby, who encouraged Robinson to stick to one career path, Viana stated that Robinson won't have one set career in his future. "[Robinson] is someone who is willing to work hard for what they want and this will be crucial for the success of his career and life path in general," said Viana.

In the world of entertainment, Maxmillian Robinson is a name people may know.

Whether they know him from his television appearances or his work with The Delphian, his end goal is to build a name for himself in various areas of entertainment. Out of all his talents,

Robinson would make his business, Millianmade LLC, his career because its meaning holds the strongest impact. “If I can inspire one person to change the game, then they will tell another person,” said Robinson. “[Two] turns to [four] turns to [eight]."

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