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Momentum 2: The Next Strategic University Plan

By Jamie Gesell

From 2015 to 2021, Adelphi has had a strategic plan for the university called Momentum. It focused on many aspects of the school and sought to improve the quality of life on campus. According to President Christine Riordan’s 2020-2021 annual report, it successfully provided students and faculty new features such as 52 new academic degrees and certificate programs, a more diverse executive and board leadership (43 percent nonwhite and 57 percent women), and a bigger main campus (the plan expanded it to 110,000 square feet). As 2021 has ended, it’s time for a second strategic plan to continue its beneficial effects on campus. Momentum 2 will be the next roadmap for the university to follow with many goals for students and faculty to achieve in the next five years. Input from the Adelphi community will play a big role in the success of Momentum 2 as well, according to the president.

Sophomore biology major Stephie Thomas said she believes Momentum 2 is a very thorough and detailed plan. Photo from Eddy Hall Instagram

"Momentum 2: 2022-2027, like its predecessor, Momentum, will pave Adelphi University’s path forward by continuing to advance our mission, vision and values for the next five years with measurable success,” said Marsha Darling, special assistant to the president for strategic initiatives. “Through Momentum 2 we will see Adelphi’s continued innovation, growth, resiliency and long-term prosperity.

Development of Momentum 2 began in early 2021, just when the first plan finished. It will detail the school’s goals and identify important priorities and actions that need to be achieved in the coming years. Progress of Momentum 2 will be reviewed notably by the Board of Trustees, which is made of people with experience in business, public service and education. Nearly 80 percent of them are alumni. The board acts as the university’s chief executive officer, delegating operational authority to the president.

Adelphi University Board of Trustees, who will review Momentum 2. Photo from Adelphi website

Town halls for Adelphi community members will be hosted in the spring 2022 semester to go over Momentum 2 before being officially adopted by the trustees. President Riordan strongly urged students to attend these town halls as they will help with the building of Momentum 2.

“Since 2015, the Momentum strategic plan and its goals have been Adelphi's guide to fulfilling our mission -- to transform the lives of our students,” she said. “Momentum 2 will allow us to continue the work that remains and build on our successes. We look forward to Adelphi University’s next phase as we aspire to continue growing and innovating."

The plan will continue the work of the six main goals established in Momentum 1.

  • The first goal is an emphasis on world-class academics. The key components of this goal include enhancing educational experiences, engagement in high-impact teaching and learning for students, and strengthening global engagement.

  • The second goal is a focus on student success. Preparing students for careers and engaging in college readiness for prospective Adelphi students are a part of this goal.

  • The third goal is to have a model of diversity and inclusion. This will include recruiting diverse faculty, creating a welcoming environment and making sure the curriculum reflects the goals of diversity and inclusion.

  • The fourth goal is having a more connected university. Developing further school pride, inspiring alumni and building robust family and parent programs will go along with this goal.

  • The fifth goal is having financial and operational strength. This goal will aim to conduct business in a more streamlined and transparent manner, turn Human Resources (HR) into a strategic collaborative partner, and enhance the management of facilities and operations.

  • The sixth and final goal of Momentum 2 is to have global recognition and renown. Promoting the university's achievements and implementing and defining brand strategies are among the many things associated with this goal.

For more information about the goals, visit

According to Darling, Momentum 2 is important to AU students and faculty in many ways. It will continue to strengthen academics and bring innovation to classrooms. It will also continue to create a more vibrant, diverse campus life with amazing opportunities for students. In addition, it will further extend recognition for higher education and status for Adelphi.

Students and alumni are already weighing in on the plan.

Alum Cassie Berman ‘18, said, “I think they are definitely good steps in the right direction and I think it will help with diversity and help bring people closer together when it comes to diversity and inclusion. And I think that it will further strengthen the university and when it comes to student success it will really help to make students more successful.”

Other students have shared their views on Momentum 2.

“Based on a cursory glance, I would say the plan looks very thorough," said Stephie Thomas, a sophomore biology major. “I definitely like goal three because of its focus on diversity and inclusion because I feel like making our Adelphi community welcoming and safe for all is very important.”

Saket Muddalkar, a supply chain management graduate student, believes it would be good “if they try to make some new strategies to get some different major courses such as hospitality and tourism management as these majors are growing rapidly.”

For anyone wishing to get involved with Momentum 2, visit the intranet at Log in with your AU ID to gain access. Recordings of the spring town halls will be posted on the intranet as well to view. Any questions students may have about Momentum 2 can be emailed at or filled on an online form (anonymously or not) at

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