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On-Campus Vaccinations Restarted After Adelphi Receives the Pfizer Vaccine

By: Maria Giovanna Jumper

On April 22, Adelphi University announced that they will begin dispensing Covid-19 vaccinations again after receiving a limited number of Pfizer vaccine doses. Vaccinations resumed after the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccinations were paused in response to new CDC guidelines.

Adelphi began administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which only requires one dose, on Friday, April 9, and had nearly completely dispensed all 400 available doses when the CDC announcement was made to pause the distribution. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was paused due to concerns of a rare blood clot. After 6.8 million doses were administered nationwide, six women in the United States were found to have a rare blood clot, which led to the death of one and hospitalization of the others. The suspension is temporary while they try to figure out why this blood clot is happening. Although these clots have occurred in women who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, it is currently unclear if the vaccine caused the clot. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause has been lifted, but the vaccine will come with a warning label now.

In an email on April 22, Nicole Gaudino, the Executive Director of University Health and Wellness, announced that the administration of the Pfizer vaccine would begin on April 26 for all students. If doses remain they were to be open to faculty and staff on April 30. Vaccine appointments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis with only 350 doses available. Additionally, when signing up for an appointment the student must be available 21 days later for their second dose.

Appointments can be made by contacting Adelphi Health Services at 516-877-6002 or by email at Additionally, same day appointments are available right now. Appointments can be made between 8:00 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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