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Only Accepting Climate Change Can Douse West Coast Wildfires

By: Mario Estiverne

Though 2020 has been characterized as one disaster after another, those related to climate change have existed long before. Many campaigns, people and petitions stress the concern of our planet dying because of how the earth is being treated, and it is something we should not be ignoring. For several years, the West Coast has been dealing with extreme heat and numerous, seasonal wildfires that are putting firefighters at risk as they combat the dangers of these flames. Many homes and communities--the very houses of families who were there for generations--were burned throughout the storm-like fires that have hit California, Washington and Oregon.

Turning to President Trump for his aid when it comes to handling climate change seemed quite hopeless. There have been countless times the president has shut down the thought of climate change since he believes that the ideas of the planet dying or the thought of climate change is either a joke or a hoax.

I contacted a friend who goes to Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. It wasn’t a hoax to them. They were told to remain inside at all times due to the red skies and hazardous air. “It got so bad here that my professor had to leave his home and teach from a motel in Utah,” said Jubilee, age 20. “Luckily, I was in the zone where I didn’t have to evacuate, but I

Images from Wikimedia Commons know some students who had to.”

It feels as though there is never going to be an end to these dangers. However, there can be changes made to reduce the risk of wildfires and prevent environmental damage. That change happens by way of environmental protections and policy, relying on the involvement of everyone who is able to take part in demanding action (petitions, contacting politicians) and voting. This means we need people advocating and voting for the protection and preservation of our environment, and we need to use the government to regulate the use of nature to prevent contributing to climate change. The people need the extra help.

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