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Out of Order University Blue Light Phones Repaired Across Adelphi’s Campus

By Katie Farkas

Adelphi University has several white phone towers located across campus for use in emergency situations. “When in use, a blue flashing light will illuminate to help indicate your location and signal that immediate help is needed” according to Adelphi University’s website under Public Safety.

One of eight emergency call boxes that was out of order on Adelphi’s Garden City Campus. They have since all been repaired.

There were eight Blue Light Call Boxes out of service across campus over the past few weeks. Saturday, November 13, Long Island and the surrounding area had “a front of severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and hazardous winds… toppling branches, limbs and wires,” according to PSEG Long Island, and it is “weather, such as this storm that hit Saturday, that is the main reason that causes them [Blue Light Call Boxes] to have issues,” said Raymond Hughes, executive director of Public Safety and Transportation.

“The Command Center receives an alarm from the box that there is an issue, and we initiate a call to our vendor immediately. We contacted our vendor early last week [week of Nov. 8] for repair, and due to supply chain issues, they are awaiting parts and batteries.”

As of Thursday, Nov. 18 all eight of the emergency call boxes have been repaired. “Our vendor was present on campus today and completed repairs on all eight boxes at this time, said Hughes.”

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