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Panther Spotlight: First-Year Federici Already Leads Tennis Team to Success

By Andrew Smith

Federici hitting the ball crosscourt during a match.

The fall tennis season is underway at Adelphi and the team is off to a great start, winning the first three conference matches. The team consists of committed and dedicated athletes who play a major role in their success. First-year student Caterina Federici has already made amazing strides to become a crucial member of the team. Federici has demonstrated superior play during the start of the season: she has been nominated Rookie of the Week by NE10 for two consecutive weeks.

This is Federici’s individual team picture.

Federici began playing tennis when she was five years old. She said her father played an instrumental role by introducing her to the sport. Federici attended a tennis school near her home in Italy. She described her first time walking in as, “Love at first sight.” She also attended the Tennis Training School in Foligno, Italy, now one of the few five-star training schools in that country. Federici said she “grew up there,” and the school served as her second home. It inspired her to become the athlete she is today, which she described as “very competitive and goal oriented.” She added that the trainers and coaches at the school inspired her to work hard and master the sport. They built her character and created a strong foundation for her tennis career.

In addition, Federici credited her parents for the success she has experienced on the tennis court.

“My parents are my inspirational figures. If I am here, it is only thanks to them. They always push me to do better and encourage me to do new experiences. Dedication, perseverance and hard work are only a few of the values that they taught me,” she said. “My goal is to succeed in these values not only on the tennis court but more importantly in my Adelphi experience.”

Federici preparing to receive a serve during a doubles match.

Federici is a first-year business major at Adelphi. She said she chose Adelphi because, “I love its location and I wanted to continue playing tennis and study at the same time. In Italy, this is not possible.”

She said she enjoyed her first month as a Panther athlete. “I love the Adelphi atmosphere. Even if playing on a team is a new experience for me, I’m getting used to it. My team is really competitive and I think we have good possibilities for this year.”

She added, “College life as a student athlete is hard, especially in freshman year. You have to be well-organized to prepare for both practice and matches and assignments. Hard work and time management are the key factors.”

Federici feels confident in her teammates and how they each support each other. Support, encouragement and unity has been Adelphi tennis team's secret recipe in being successful on the court. She explained how friendships play a key role for the team.

“I feel a strong connection with my doubles partner and roommate Barbara Quagliardi,” she said, adding that they reached the semifinals at the Intercollegiate Tennis Association national tournament held Sept. 17 to 19.

Head coach Rebecca Fakas described Federici as an “impact player for us from the very start of the year. She has a strong work ethic and is always looking to improve her game. I’m looking forward to seeing how she will grow as an athlete throughout her time at Adelphi.”

Federici said, “Representing Adelphi is an honor and I hope to achieve numerous goals with my fantastic team.”

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