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Relevnt: The New and Exciting App for Podcasting

By Mitch Cohen

One of social media’s best features is how it builds communities, allowing people to bond based on shared interests. A prime example of an app that does this is Relevnt. It allows users to join chat rooms and create podcasts based on their interests. Thanks to this app, I’ve been able to have a platform to express my opinions on music.

As for how I discovered the app, I was looking for summer jobs on Handshake when I discovered the entertainment podcast and media internship for Relevnt. What excited me about the app was the opportunity to interact with people who shared similar interests. I joined the “VolumeUp” chat room because I am a big music fan, and there, I also host my podcast, “The M-Factor.” On my show, I discuss current events in hip-hop, alongside reviewing old and new rap songs. My favorite part about hosting this podcast is collaborating with other interns. In my ninth episode, me and fellow intern Cristina Santiago compared and contrasted two different Travis Scott albums. What made this collaboration work was how both of us were familiar with Scott’s music, and this mutual knowledge allowed us to have a better understanding of what made the albums great. Overall, collaborating with people on Relevnt is very beneficial because it allows me to make connections with other people. But what makes this app stand out from other social media platforms?

The “M-Factor” is one of many podcasts you can listen to on the Relevnt app.

Like other social media platforms, Relevnt allows people from across the globe to discuss their interests. Where the app differs from others is how the podcasts are created. According to Relevnt’s head of content and marketing, Sama Dizayee, the app stands out because of the podcasts’ presentation. “You get the raw version of podcasting,” said Dizayee.

While sites like YouTube allow creators to edit videos before uploading, the podcasts on Relevnt come out the same way they were recorded. For example, if stuttering was in the initial recording, it would appear in the final version as well, which is advantageous to users because it allows anyone to create a podcast, even if you don’t have the skills, time or patience to edit the discussions. This approach makes podcasting more accessible, as I can focus on creating content without worrying about the technical aspects. What’s also nice is that Relevnt offers both video and audio options for the podcasts. To switch gears, another aspect that makes Relevnt stand out is how positive the community is. With other social media platforms, the main drawback is the overwhelming negativity. However, with Relevnt, there is a much more supportive and positive consideration of others. “It’s a community of people who want to collaborate with one another,” said Dizayee.

As stated previously, one of my favorite aspects of Relevnt is collaborating with the other interns. Thanks to the positive community, it’s always fun to do collaborations, whether it’s on my podcast or another podcast. My favorite collaboration outside of “The M-Factor” was “The Kaleidoscope Discussion.” In this show, I worked with two other interns to discuss the negative impact social media has on men’s mental health. What made this collaboration worthwhile was how each of us could relate to the topic we were discussing, making for a meaningful conversation.

Alongside doing shows, another enjoyable part of my internship at Relevnt is attending the weekly meetings. These are not only a great way to meet new interns, but they allow employees to learn about the app’s new updates. Dizayee works with the interns as well. “Working with the interns has been a favorite part of [my job] because I feel honored to have people ask me how we can make the app better,” she said.

To me, the best part about the weekly meetings is hearing what new ideas my peers have for their podcasts. This variety makes Relevnt stand out because everyone’s approach to podcasting is unique, which gives viewers something new to look forward to each time they open up the app.

In the end, being an intern at Relevnt has been an incredible experience so far. Not only has this internship allowed me to create a podcast, but it has allowed me to meet many incredible people who share similar interests. If you haven’t downloaded the app, I highly recommend doing so because you’ll be able to engage with a positive community that might share similar interests to you.

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