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Sophomore Matthew Price Makes an Impact on and off the Court

By Andrew Smith

Matthew Price has always had basketball in his heart. He grew up on the court while his family played basketball and eventually encouraged him to play. The sophomore sport management major credits his family for the important role they played in his athletic career. “Shoutout to my dad for always working out with me and rebounding for me,” he said. “My little brother worked

Sophomore Matthew Price currently serves as the ambassador for Morgan’s Message at Adelphi. Photo by AU Athletics

out with me and challenged me. My mother never stopped believing in me.”

In addition to his family always being there for him, Price acknowledged two of his past coaches and the impact they had on his sports career. Cory McClure coached Price at Kimball Union Academy for two years. Price said, “A lot of tough love throughout my time at prep school for two years, but he made me such a better person and player.”

In the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), Price played for the Middlesex Magic under head coach Mike Crotty, who played a major role in Price’s recruitment process and helped him become recognized by colleges. Price said he was a “huge figure in my life.”

One of the greatest athletes of our generation, LeBron James serves as a strong role model for Price. The now highest scorer in NBA history inspires Price through his accomplishments both on and off the court. The four-time NBA champion and four-time MVP has continued to silence critics every single season. Price acknowledges the success James has enjoyed and said “those speak for itself,” but also mentions his important contributions to his community. “How he carries himself off-court and the things he does for his community are truly amazing,” Price said.

Price is involved in a very important cause at Adelphi. Serving as the ambassador for Morgan’s Message on campus, he is bringing the cause of mental health to the forefront of discussions. “Morgan’s message is an amazing nationwide nonprofit supporting athletes' mental health,” Price said. “Our main goal is trying to spread more awareness about mental health and also try to equalize mental and physical health.”

Price continued, “I got involved because as an athlete, the mental stress is constant and being an athlete who has dealt with mental health struggles before I think it’s super important to make it more aware for the coming generations.”

Toward the end of the season, players can often reflect on their performance on the court. Price discussed the lessons he learned. “I think the season has taught us a lot of lessons along the way. Through tough losses and great wins, we are ready to take what we have learned and compete for a conference title.”

Matthew Price pulling up a jump shot from the three point line. Photo by AU Athletics

The sophomore also talked about the memories that would last a lifetime. “Memorable moments on the court are always there, but hanging with the team and creating bonds that last a lifetime definitely is what makes my experience special.”

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