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Student Poetry Corner - "a nostalgic autumn"

If you couldn’t tell, I love the fall season. And I do think that there is something truly nostalgic about it. I remember every year that we recognize how the sun begins to set earlier each day until suddenly it’s 4 pm and its pitch black. This happens every year, yet we are surprised every time, like it’s never occurred before. I think it’s heartwarming in a way, that this is the thing we tend to notice every fall, sometimes more than others. For students especially, whether you live on campus or commute, it affects our semester. But the changing season is a beautiful thing to watch and far too poetic not to write about.

a nostalgic autumn

By Lizz Panchyk

I think there’s something so poetic about

how we notice the sun setting earlier each fall.

it occurs every year, but still we marvel at the sudden darkness.

and in that there is something beautiful, even in our unpreparedness for the season. but there is nostalgia in the air, aside from the crisp scent of cold.

as it cools down, we become more conscious of the changing world around us – we notice the leaves turning warm and brown, shedding from what used to be the greenest trees. we watch as street lights light up the sidewalks in a fog. we feel the warmth enter our hands as we grip tightly onto a hot coffee.

fall weather lurks upon us in october and embraces the shivering november.

and maybe as our days shorten, we become more grateful for the light that we do have and find comfort in remembering the octobers before.

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