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Student Poetry Corner - A Year of Capricorn

The Delphian has introduced this poetry section so students may submit their original poems to be considered for publication. Submit poems up to 250 words to and

The following poem was submitted by a senior at Sacred Heart Academy who visited campus recently.

A Year of Capricorn is a poem about delusional, heartbreak and realization from the speaker's point of view on the person they met in January and their one-sided connection within a span of 12 months. I feel that the speaker deals with the typicality of life and towards the end of the poem finally understands that from the beginning that their 'friendship' was never meant to be.

A Year of Capricorn

By Ashlyn Jurena (senior at Sacred Heart Academy)

In January, I first met you

In February, I never felt blue

In March, you drifted away

In April, I wanted you to stay

In May, you begged for forgiveness

In June, I was happy nonetheless

In July, fireworks flared in the essence of love

In August, you had to part

In September, thou broke my heart

In October, my soul was torn apart

But in November, it made me remember

That in December all this time we were nothing more than just friends.

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