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Student Poetry Corner - The First Leaf Falls

The Delphian staff is introducing this new poetry section in Features so students may submit their original poems to be considered for publication in the next issue of our newspaper. Writers should keep their poems to a maximum length of 250 words. You may submit them to and copy

The First Leaf Falls

By Lizz Panchyk

As summer comes to an end, a hint of fall enters the air, which can be felt right at the brink of the new semester. Vacation may be ending but now comes a time of fresh beginnings and open opportunities.

The sun, bright as it is, shines high in August

Waves break on all the salty shores

The sky warms earlier and earlier

As a reminder that a new season is near.

And with this comes endings;

Seemingly eternal beach days and vacations afar,

Working extra hours and spending time with old friends

Are cut short as we suddenly have to wave a temporary goodbye.

The crickets chirp louder and the air gets heavier as the cool breeze whips through your hair,

Suddenly you are standing in front of a big building, un-wanting its’ inviting grasp

Autumn is almost here

Classes are back in session

And the first leaf falls.

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