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Student Poetry Corner - The Future Is Female

The Delphian has introduced this poetry section so students may submit their original poems to be considered for publication. Submit poems up to 250 words to and

The Future Is Female

By Aarsha Raghaven (senior psychology major)

This poem was inspired by Rupi Kaur to reflect on the sacrifices that women have made in the past, including the women in our families, to advance our rights that we have the privilege of having today. Not everything has been perfect. There is much room for improvement and advancement of women’s rights. Another topic that I wanted to reflect on was a woman’s general tendency to nurture, love and encourage others. This nurturing love, often viewed as a weakness, is very essential and more of what we need to see in society. The world also often feels divided, and there are many who still don’t see there is inequity between the genders. That is why it is important that we come together to support the rights of women, including the right to an education and many other necessities. I wanted to end this poem by saying that the future is female because when women are educated and given the strength/encouragement to achieve their dreams, they create opportunities not only for themselves, but to make the world better for everyone.

We have walked on the shoulders of

the women of our lineage

who have suffered through countless

hardships so that we as women

can continue

to achieve our dreams

and work for our futures

we believe in

the rights they fought for

and injustices encountered

are a constant reminder

that the world needs to come


to encourage love

Foster positivity

And equity

The same love

The women in our lives

Have given us

For countless generations

The future is female

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