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Student Poetry Corner - The Girl Behind the Wall

The Delphian has introduced this poetry section so students may submit their original poems to be considered for publication. Submit poems up to 250 words to and

I think that a lot of us unconsciously build a wall up in our heads. It’s how we cope, and it’s like a built-in barrier for us. Of course, we have different walls with different people, meaning we don’t act the same way with friends that we do with family or teachers. We build the wall up, holding in part of our true selves until we finally feel comfortable enough to let it out. For me personally, I’ve always built walls in my mind. I present myself as a quiet person, demure and outspoken. The wall begins to break down when I get more comfortable, and it may take hours, days or months. But the wall should break. Because I want to feel like I can be myself, my whole self, and let my true personality present itself, even if it’s not everything someone else may have imagined. Being yourself and feeling like yourself is the greatest possible thing you can do and the best possible feeling. It’s okay to let your walls down.

The Girl Behind the Wall

By Lizz Panchyk (Junior Communications Major)

What is a wall but a divider between two spaces?

A place where an entrance is blocked; forbidden.

She doesn’t see it that way, although she doesn’t know what lies beneath that wall.

She doesn’t know the invisible hands that grasp in hoping she feels them.

She doesn’t hear the slow knocking

or hear the subtle whispers saying: get me out.

But what she really didn’t realize was that this wall was not a physical wall, no.

It was a wall she unknowingly built in her head

to protect her

to make her stronger

to make her “normal.”

And the wall, tired of standing tall, began to tumble down.

It cracked with every fleeting grasp, crumbled with every pounding knock, and shook with every hushed whisper.

And with this, the wall that was supposed to protect her,

make her stronger

and make her “normal,”

Actually held her back from her true potential.

There came a time when the wall was no more, and what was once locked was set free.

The girl behind the wall crawled out of the debris, uncaring, for no wall could hold her back any longer.

And so she, now a girl without a wall, became someone she’d never seen before.

She became herself.

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