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The Fate of the Unvaccinated

By Claire Tsanatelis

Now that Adelphi has joined the ranks of the 600plus American universities that require all students to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to return to school, that leaves open the question of what will happen to the unvaccinated.

This Covid-19 vaccine passport application image reflects the idea that soon citizens will have to prove their vaccination status. The image is from Twitch Streamer Marco Verch

The answer to that so far looks pretty clear. Unless they submit a religious or medical exemption, which many students aren’t eligible for, they’ll be barred from setting foot on campus, meaning no dorming, no in-person campus life and being forced to operate on a schedule that is incompatible with attending most classes.

This is obviously detrimental for every unvaccinated student’s “college experience” that encompasses nearly every aspect of their young adult lives from getting a quality education, socializing and meeting new people, accumulating independent resources and networking for long-term career opportunities.

If you’re an unvaccinated student who believes that involuntary inoculation is a clear violation of your constitutional rights to bodily integrity under the 14th Amendment, then you’re out of luck if you’re interested in initiating legal action. The first and only attempt of students resisting a university’s legal authority to propose vaccine mandates was struck down by a federal appeals court. The federal judiciary sided with Indiana University’s vaccine requirement by citing a 1905 Supreme Court smallpox vaccination case. To make matters more hopeless for the unvaccinated, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who holds jurisdiction over the federal appeals court, denied an emergency injunction request from the eight University of Indiana students.

The results of this case will inevitably set a constitutional precedent that will justify most independent institutions implementing vaccine requirements in the next couple of months. You can make any reasonable argument about forced vaccinations violating any rights enshrined in the US Constitution, the Nuremberg War Crimes Code and the Geneva Convention, but that won’t prevent the President of the United States from taking his first inch by mandating Covid vaccines for all federal workers or else there may face disciplinary action from their agencies. Not only has the President given the green light for the Pentagon to require all military members to get the jab, but the Biden administration is already in the process of legislating mandatory Covid-19 vaccines for all interstate/domestic travel.

Legality and constitutionality, unfortunately, won’t be able to play a factor in stopping the biggest city in the country, New York City, which isn’t too far from Adelphi’s main campus, from establishing a system where nearly all indoor activity including restaurants, gyms and theaters, are only permissible for the vaccinated. San Francisco is the first American city to issue the same policy.

Everything we can infer from the trajectory of the current news cycle leaves the future of unvaccinated Adelphians or more broadly speaking the ‘unvaccinated youth,” into the hands of federal and state or city governments and private institutions and corporations who are overwhelmingly in favor of making these vaccines a living necessity.

Among the vaccine “safety” protocols deemed “moderate,” anyone who refuses the experimental injection will be subjected to weekly PCR testing and stringent mask mandates. The more tyrannical guidelines being discussed or imposed explicitly deny the unvaccinated access to attending school, work, indoor public activities/events, airplanes and more.

The future of the unvaccinated youth is looking bleak. It appears the prospect of living a normal life as a productive member of society is going to be near to impossible unless you receive the inoculation, which is exactly what the powers-that-be want.

Nonetheless, vaccine hesitancy is still a legitimate concern among the masses of unvaccinated, despite the coercion tactics being promulgated by the elite. A vaccine that was developed and administered to the world within a matter of months, which was also created with a technology never used on humans until now is worthy of questioning and reserving patience for long-term studies.

That and the vaccine’s inefficacy to prevent infections and transmissions that surpass the unvaccinated in countless regions, as well as the tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries reported to the CDC’s own adverse event reporting system (VAERS) vindicate the vaccine-hesitant in their convictions.

If you’re a vaccine-hesitant student who is considering caving in to the pressure of taking the shot, because these impending vax restrictions may inconvenience you and your future, think long and hard about why you objected to it in the first place. The cost of becoming a second-class citizen may just be a moral obligation for resisting medical tyranny, that if left unchecked, will only result in metastasizing the new system laid out by the government and multi-billion dollar corporations to deny dissenting citizens a place in public society for just about any crises.

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