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The Foundation for a Professional Career

By Andrew Smith

Beginning your college during a global pandemic is something that most young people will not forget. I spent my entire first year of college primarily in my bedroom studying remotely. By my second year, the university began to open up and I took advantage of all the wonderful opportunities Adelphi offers its students. 

Adelphi has provided me with so many amazing opportunities.

I have always loved sports and saw that The Delphian was looking for sports writers. My mom was a former editor of The Delphian and she always spoke highly about her time there. Little did I know that the newspaper would open several doors for me that I never thought were possible.

The Delphian taught me invaluable career skills I would have never learned in the classroom. When campus life returned by my sophomore year, I was very concerned about my professional career and worried about all the uncertainty that the pandemic brought. 

Writing for the school newspaper was more than just an extracurricular activity. It was an incredible experience that empowered me with essential skills and introduced me to invaluable connections. These resources have not only kick-started my professional career but have also shaped me into the person I am today: a person who is ready to take on challenges that seemed impossible four years ago.

My work in The Delphian was made possible by the unwavering support of our club advisor Professor Liza Burby. Her guidance and mentorship made my transition into the club as easy and welcoming as possible. I am deeply grateful for her guidance and support over the past four years. 

The Delphian not only provided me with helpful connections but also allowed me to build a robust portfolio of work experience, preparing me for the post-graduation world. I was fortunate to connect with a former sports editor who now leads a baseball news company on Long Island. Additionally, I found a role in the University Communications and Marketing Office, all thanks to our advisor, Liza Burby. I am deeply grateful to the entire staff at UCOMM, especially Christina MacKay, Lisa DiBona, Sara Fennell, Michael Wentz, Alex Donnelley and Jose Delgado, for providing me with an exceptional hands-on learning experience. 

Most importantly, The Delphian was instrumental in my personal growth, helping me confront my fears of public speaking and self-expression. My first interview was a nerve-wracking experience, and I questioned my decision to take on this role. However, as I continued, I found my confidence growing and began to truly appreciate my contribution to the paper. From covering Ronnie Silva's record-breaking performance in men’s basketball to documenting softball’s thrilling playoff runs, each experience will always remain a wonderful memory.

Adelphi will always hold a special place in my heart for all the wonderful opportunities I was able to take advantage of. From being the sports editor of The Delphian for several semesters and the vice president of the Catholic Newman Club, I am filled with immense pride as I prepare to graduate with my Bachelor of Science this spring and my Master of Science this fall. This academic journey, coupled with my experiences at this paper, have shaped me into the professional I am today, and I am excited for the future that lies ahead. 

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