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The Grad Student Experience at Adelphi with Felicity Masone

Kurana Doobay

“Work-oriented, hard-working and passionate.” Felicity Masone ‘21, a second-year graduate in the Speech-Language Pathology program at Adelphi uses these words to describe herself and her work ethic. Do you feel like these words also define you? Perhaps, as an undergraduate student you are looking to advance your education after receiving a Bachelor's degree. Masone shared some of her experience, giving a bit of insight on what the graduate student experience is like and provided some advice, tips, and tricks for anyone looking to stay at Adelphi to continue their education.

Masone spending time on the Adelphi Flag Pole Lawn. Photo courtesy of Felicity Masone

Graduate students make up close to 40 percent of the population at Adelphi with 2,269 students enrolled as of Fall 2021. Of these, 1,294 were full-time and 975 were part-time. At Adelphi, many graduate programs are recognized as outstanding in their field and four are nationally recognized on the 2021 U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Schools list: audiology, nursing, social work and communication sciences and disorders.

Not only is she pursuing a master’s degree at Adelphi, Masone also received her undergraduate degree here in communication sciences and disorders with a minor in psychology.

She said, “I chose Adelphi for grad school because I created such a home environment during my undergraduate experience, it only felt right to continue on.”

Masone also emphasized the importance of creating strong and valuable relationships. “I created great relationships with my peers and professors as well. I knew that these relationships would only strengthen within my grad school experience.”

The graduate school application process consisted of several things including personal statements, letters of recommendation, standardized tests, such as the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and general application questions. A piece of advice she gave was, “I found it easiest to create a Google Drive specific to the programs that I was applying to. This drive consisted of folders named after each school with a list of requirements and other important information.”

Coming into grad school can be a daunting experience. You may not know what to expect, or how to prepare. It is a new environment where you are greeted with a more rigorous and differently structured school environment. “Some expectations that I had coming into grad school was that I would be completely on my own when learning the material,” Masone said. “However, grad school has been the most accommodating learning experience for me, in which I have leaned on my professors and peers for support. The truth is, we learn as we go!”

The course load also felt different for Masone. “Some of the pros of grad school are that your classes are in the evening, once a week. However, the downside to that is that my classes are longer, lasting up to an hour and 50 minutes.” This is similar to some undergraduate classes, especially during labs for science courses.

She added, “Another downside is that assignments and readings are due prior to class. The upside is that this has allowed me to improve on my time-management skills. I think the biggest challenges of grad school consist of time management and organization.”

Masone said she overcomes these challenges by using a planner to stay on top of due dates and planning ahead. “Getting ahead in my classes has allowed me to remain organized and on top of my work,” she said.

Masone shared a piece of advice for everyone struggling in their undergrad years. “Be present and remain grateful. It is so easy to overlook your success or feel as though you always need to be ‘doing more.’ But the truth is, if you do not give yourself credit for what you are accomplishing in this very moment, then you will never feel fulfilled in the long run. Everyone is going at their own pace. Therefore, focusing on yourself and giving yourself credit for what you are accomplishing is critical to your success.”

Not only has her graduate school experience given her an opportunity to further her education academically, but along this journey, Masone also feels like her mental health has improved in comparison to her undergrad years. She said, “I keep a self-reflection journal that acts as a visual reminder for my accomplishments, big or small.”

To learn more about Adelphi’s graduate student application process, visit And if you ever see Felicity around, say hi!

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