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To Our Readers...

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Jaclyn Tracy

As we are all aware, we are in a time that is unlike anything we have ever lived through. For some, it seems like the lives that we were living a month ago are centuries ago, as everything has completely changed in such a short time. Classes and non-essential jobs have become solely online based, leading to adjustments being made that can be challenging and difficult.

As you can imagine, being a print-based campus newspaper, The Delphian is faced with challenges that it has not faced before in all of its 69 years on Adelphi’s campus. The Delphian staff has made the choice to honor our motto, “The Voice of the Students” and continue publishing issues online for the remainder of the semester. We are committed to providing the Adelphi community with quality journalism at a time where the importance of receiving news, or just a read to take your mind off of things is at an all-time high. We won’t be having a print version of the paper for the remainder of the semester, but we will still get the paper out to you in PDF and online formats.

Liza Burby, faculty adviser of The Delphian, has expressed her continued support and dedication to helping our students have their voices heard during a time of such uncertainty.

“Now, more than at any other time in your time on campus, it’s important to stay connected, and the student newspaper is one way to do that,” she said. “Our staff—your fellow students—are being innovative in ensuring that they get you all the news, features, editorials and sports The Delphian is known for. Their commitment to this volunteer role is impressive and an example of what dedicated journalists can do in times of crisis.”

While the news may have become something that is triggering and overwhelming to many, our job as student journalists is to bring the truth and important stories that our readers need. Throughout the rest of the semester, we will be exploring ways to make The Delphian an outlet for students to share their experiences, and a source of comfort for the Adelphi community, as we are all going through this together. The Delphian staff looks forward to finishing the semester strong and serving our community as best we can virtually in the time being. Please email us at or comment on Instagram at @the_Delphian. We want to hear your thoughts as we experience these unprecedented times.

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