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Transitioning Back to a More In-Person College Experience

By: Maria Giovanna Jumper

After two-and-a half semesters of mostly online learning, Adelphi University will be transitioning back to a more traditional in-person experience for the fall 2021 semester. With more people getting vaccinated the state guidelines have been updated to reflect possibilities for in-person learning, research and other creative activities.

As more people get vaccinated, the University hopes that an almost full return to campus will be possible this upcoming fall semester. Photo from @adelphiu on instagram.

On April 28, an email went out from President Christine Riordan and Gene Palma, the vice president of University Wellness, Safety and Administration, outlining the plans for in-person learning. Many of the classes offered in the fall will happen in-person or through hybrid and HyFlex modalities.

Additionally, a smaller number of online courses will still be available to meet the needs of students. President Riordan and Palma wrote, “This portfolio of options will allow students, in concert with advisers, to build schedules that match their personal needs.”

Students are encouraged to choose the modalities that work best for them and expect that they will remain in that modality for the entire semester. However, they also recognized that the realities of the pandemic can shift at any time, which may force them to change their plans for the fall semester.

The email stated, “Should any courses require adjustments for health and safety reasons, we will be sure to share that information with students.”

Melanie Andreopoulos, a member of the class of 2023, said, “I am very happy that classes are going to be in person. I personally had a very difficult time learning remotely this semester, and had a very hard time paying attention. In-person classes will hopefully help me regain my attention span and learn better. I’m also looking forward to socializing with people in my classes and actually meeting people.”

Besides classes, student life on campus will also be returning. Clubs and organizations will be offered as hybrid formats for meetings and events. This will allow for higher levels of student engagement with organizations on campus. In addition, student support services, including the Student Counseling Center, the Learning and Writing Centers and Academic Advisement, will provide both in-person and virtual support.

More information is to come on vaccination and testing protocols. Universities across the country have been requiring different levels of testing and vaccinations. Some universities will be requiring vaccines while others will keep up with testing. Adelphi will be releasing their plans soon so students can be prepared for what is expected of them.

Additional information to come will include updates for international students, move-in details, health and safety expectations, and updated policies for living and learning. Plans for the fall will evolve as more guidelines are released by New York State as well as the CDC.

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