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Trump 2020: An Endorsement of the Sitting President

By: Claire Tsanatelis

With arguably the most important election of our lifetime days away, there is still a little bit of time left to shift the vote for undecided voters. In my case, as someone who is casting their first vote in a Presidential election, I am more than happy to be endorsing Donald J. Trump for U.S president and I will tell you why.

When Trump won the 2016 election, this was the first and only hope of posing a legitimate threat to fight the neoliberal institutions that have destabilized the tenets of Americanism since the second half of the 20th century. Electing a foul-mouthed, billionaire playboy, reality TV star wasn’t ideal. But when he sacrificed his lavish New York City penthouse lifestyle to publicly acknowledge topics of concern that no other American politician would, and sentiments that average Americans have suppressed for decades, it isn’t a mystery why he became the most hated man in the world. His ascendancy among his base of white non-college educated voters continues to flourish.

Both our domestic and transnational elite do not have our best interests at heart, and we see this after decades of being sold out and betrayed by endless foreign wars, cheap labor, unwarranted mass migration and watching our family units crumble before our very eyes.

At the same time, we have seen our American culture erode into something unrecognizable, where all of the characteristics of the traditional American nation have been subverted into being seen as “evil” and “oppressive,” which justifies the persecution of religious freedom that has pushed God out of our homes and schools.

All three branches of government and the two-party system have been complicit in letting the degradation of our culture, our homes and our people take place. The demoralized American had no chance of political representation until Donald Trump ran for president on a platform that addressed these three main issues of foreign policy, trade policy and immigration that aims to put the nation and the American people first.

Having Trump as President has not saved America in four years, and neither will it in eight years because these problems are so deeply embedded that they will likely take generations to resolve. Having him in the Executive Branch is still a reminder that there is a political solution to gaining our country back, and this builds in more time to strengthen and prepare ourselves for the hardships that are destined to come.

If we have Donald Trump as President for four more years, you can expect to retain your gun rights, while living under an administration that is tough on crime, promotes law and order, strict border control, and cherishes the history and the heritage of this great nation.

With Trump as President, we have seen the building of 400 miles of border wall; illegal immigration down by 92 percent; calls to strip Big Tech of their Section 230 protections that have allowed social media to censor conservative voices; and the proposal of the 1776 Commission that seeks to promote patriotic education to counter the efforts of the far-left who are trying to teach a version of American history that villainizes and denigrates the country, as seen through the 1619 project curriculum.

This is the last chance for a proper reactionary movement to thrive and gain momentum, before being permanently shut down through social media censorship. It’s bad enough that our positions get no representation through mainstream media, the entertainment industry, academia and Hollywood. Having Trump in the Oval Office, while also having the ability to freely communicate our ideas to the masses through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, are the only options our side has before we are silenced.

If we do not succeed in re-electing Trump, this could very well affirm Trumpism as a failure, calling for a reconstruction period to heal our nation of how Trump “ruined” and “divided” the nation, expelling any rhetoric or America First ideas he represented.

If Trump loses, it’s game over for those of us trying to win back the country we know and love, before it is radically reformed to the point of no return under a progressive regime. Our message framed around our love for God, our people, our families, our children and our history shows that we are not deserving of being written about in the history books as the “bad guys” by people who either hate us or fail to understand everything for which we stand.

As a college student and a member of Generation Z, I know that I am in the minority of young people both casting support for Trump and rejecting progressive politics, but in no way is this smaller metric a way to measure the impact of people who share similar ideals of traditional Americanism with me.

We are out there, and while our numbers may dwarf in comparison to progressives, this is not an overwhelmed minority. This is a lively, productive and capable minority, who may be silent for fear of social ostracization, and rightfully so, but once we take action with our principles, we can achieve quite a lot.

Donald Trump may win or he may lose, but one thing is certain, if you are considering or planning on voting for Trump, please do so by mail-in voting, early voting or going to the polls on Nov. 3. This may be your only chance at successfully defending the history and the character of the classic American nation.

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