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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Everyone You Love

By Gerard Fiorenza III

It’s Valentine’s Day, a holiday meant to spread good feelings of love and displays of appreciation. What better way to do so than purchasing a gift for your friends, family members–including the four-legged ones–or a significant other? We’ve compiled a catalog of suggestions that should make everyone’s heart sing.

Warm Decor

XL Double-sided Cozy Blanket This double-sided blanket is perfect for snuggling up with a good book or snuggling around a campfire. $69;

Fluffy Luxe Heart Pillow

Fluffy heart-shaped pillows in pink, white or gray are a great way to spruce up a dorm or bedroom. $45.50;


You Are So Loved 2-pair Gift Bag

Offer words of affirmation to someone you care about with two pairs of socks, a white “I Love You- Loved” and a red “I Love You- Forever.” $29.98;

Love Peace Perfect Fit Tee

Soft with a slim silhouette; a perfect combination with jeans. $29;

Love Wire Ring

A heartfelt gift that should fit most fingers. $9;

Tasty Treats Love Messages Shortbread Cookies

Celine Zhou’s vanilla shortbread cookies are sweet, both in taste and the affectionate messages written on each one. $36–$39;

Gourmet Peanut Butter Cups

Jessica Taige’s variations of the peanut butter cup include roasted raw peanuts, Belgian chocolate, dark sea salt, Oreo, pretzels, PBJ and choco-hazel. $32;

Valentine’s Day Chocolate and Teddy Bear Gift Box

An enticing assortment of candy with a teddy bear as an added plus. $49.99;

Dash Mini Waffle Maker Machine

Make breakfast classics or get creative with heart-shaped waffled hash browns, cookies or biscuit pizzas. $9.99;


Shaped Secret Message Candle

Surprise messages are hidden beneath the wax and are brought to light when it burns away. A bonus is it can be used as a trinket dish. $19;

Worry Doll

According to Mayan tradition, if before you go to bed and tell your worry doll all of your concerns, you’ll wake up the next morning with a worry-free outlook. (Handcrafted as a dog, llama or angel). $6;

For Pet Love

The InstaLove Leash

An adorable addition to your pet’s wardrobe decorated with kisses and hearts. $12.60;

The Lovely Bandana

Sure to add some pizzazz to your dog’s appearance, this bandana is adorned with hearts. $20.00;

Goody Box Valentine’s Cat Toys and Treats

Treat your cat to some Kittles, Chury and fun toys to play with. $24.99;

Helpful Reads

Self-Care Master Plan: A Framework for Feelin’ Good

Get yourself a gift. This features a list of topics for you to fill in yourself, setting a framework to keep you grounded and resilient. $12;

101 Secrets for Your Early 20s by Paul Angone

The early twenties can be a tumultuous time ripe with change and confusion. This book claims to have answers to solve all your problems and help you navigate in this trying time. $8.36;

Just for Fun

BoldMade Card Game An adult twist on Old Maid and Go Fish. Perfect for a party, travel or family game night. $14.99;

Steam Gift Card

Steam is an online platform containing a vast assortment of games to play. Perfect for any gamer in your life. $20-$100;

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