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You Can Conquer Online Classes, But It's Okay to Make it Fun

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Bianca Viana

You’re definitely not alone if you’re struggling with online classes. We are all trying our best to adjust because for most of us taking an online class is a fairly new concept that we aren’t really familiar with. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that online classes are much more difficult than we had all anticipated them to be.

Aside from not obtaining the same level of instruction as you would in the classroom, there are a lot more added distractions at home. So, in the past few weeks I have been trying out some different ways to stay focused better in class as well as staying on top of my assignments.

When it comes to getting ready for online class it definitely will make you feel much more awake and aware if you change out of those pajamas you’ve been wearing for what feels like forever.

When online classes started, I would just wear my pajamas, throw my hair up in a messy bun and keep my camera off. My mom was the one who encouraged me to start actually getting dressed and wearing something other than my pajamas for class.

Now when she first said this, I told myself that requires way too much effort, but I tried it one day and it really made a big difference in my ability to pay attention and focus in class. In addition, I started turning my camera on for class because I felt that if I had to look like I was focused then maybe it would be easier to focus and that made a really big difference as well.

When it comes to where you should take your online class, my first piece of advice is do not take classes from your bed. Trust me; I know we all want to, especially when we have an 8 am. However, you are definitely not going to be as focused and you might just end up falling asleep and missing half of your lecture.

Try your best to sit in a quiet place, which I know is very hard to do when your entire family is in your house with you. Try to set aside a place in your home where you have a space to yourself during your designated class times. If you have a desk in your bedroom, definitely try working there. If you don’t, try to set up a space for yourself at your dining room table.

The one distraction that is probably an issue for us all is our phone. For some reason it’s a lot harder to put our phones away during online class than it is to do in the classroom. It feels impossible to not pick up your phone every time you get a new notification, especially when that one group chat is blowing up. I first tried just placing my phone face down on my desk, but the minute I got the tiniest bit distracted out of habit I would just grab my phone and before I knew it, I missed time in class that I couldn’t get back. So, what I’ve decided to do is put my phone in an entirely different room while I am in online class because it’s not within my reach of getting it and so it has forced me to stay focused on my classes.

Staying on top of our work is something else that we all need to continue doing as well. Being stuck at home means having a lot more time to just lounge around, and catch up on our favorite Netflix series, and as much as that is a lot better than doing our work, we still have to get it done.

Since I have been home, I have been trying to plan out my days as best as I can because, if I don’t then my work does not get done. I try to keep on top of my deadlines as best as I can writing out a certain set of tasks to complete each day. With all this extra time we have you would think it would be easier to get our assignments done on time rather than procrastinating, but it is not necessarily the case. So definitely take some time to write out the assignments you have due each week and which assignments you plan to work on during your class breaks.

We are all in this together! Do not let online classes defeat you! I was really struggling with it at first, as I am sure many others were as well. However, these tips have really helped me. I’ve seen a lot more progress in what I have been able to get done by following these simple and easy tips each day! We will all get through this, and only come out of all this stronger than before! Hang in there, Panthers!

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