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The Delphian is proud to announce that we received Outstanding Organization at the 2021 Virtual Brown and Gold Awards.  The awards took place on May 10.  Thank you to all of the writers, staff and faculty who helped make this possible.

Congratulations, Panthers on another successful semester and academic year!  As this semester draws to a close, be sure to continue being safe.  As outlined in Transitioning Back to a More In-Person College Experience, the university is hoping to be largely back in person next semester.  This does count on all members of the community being safe, getting vaccinated and taking steps to lessen the spread of Covid-19.


The path back to normal college life is underway.  With in-person commencement options increasing for both the classes of 2020 and 2021, normalcy seems to be on the horizon.  Read more about this in In-Person Commencement Ceremonies Announced Following Updated Guidelines.  Additionally, learn more about the Lavender and Multicultural Awards, another ceremony celebrating our graduates.


The pandemic has changed our perceptions of the world and the careers we choose.  In the Opinions section, read about how more people are choosing to study nursing.  The pandemic has increased the desire to go into the healthcare professions and be active in helping to end this health crisis.


Finally, in Sports reading about the post season for softball, as well as what players have been excited about for this season.


The Delphian is proud of the work we have done this academic year.  As Editor-in-Chief I am proud to have introduced the website while holding this position, and of the reporting we  have done throughout this time.


As a graduating senior I would like to take this time to introduce the next Editor-in-Chief, Maximilian Robinson.  Max came to The Delphian in his sophomore year and has since served as the Sports Editor.  Max has shown dedication and enthusiasm for working on the paper and will do a great job.

- Maria Giovanna Jumper


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