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The Delphian is proud to announce that we received Outstanding Organization at the 2021 Virtual Brown and Gold Awards.  The awards took place on May 10.  Thank you to all of the writers, staff and faculty who helped make this possible.

Welcome to a new semester at Adelphi, returning and incoming students alike! I hope you enjoyed your summer break, and feel ready to get back to the brown and gold! As you prepare for your new classes, this first issue of the award-winning Delphian student newspaper provides you with detailed pieces to start your day. 

        Read through the News and read about the rises in tuition prices, the university’s updates to their Covid policies and a profile highlighting Deborah Hunt, new dean of the College of Nursing and Public Health. 

        New to our Features category, we offer students the opportunity to showcase their creativity through short poems. We also offer an exciting variety of stories, such as advice for incoming first-year students and a preview of the performances lined up for the Performing Arts Center this year. We also have a feature about what we all did this summer, and invite you to tell us your story. Further, we frequently highlight different clubs on campus. Please reach out to me if you would like your organization highlighted. 

       Here in this new issue, we discuss the new social media app Relevnt, its functions and differences from other social media platforms. We venture more into the world of television with a list of TV shows to keep track of and those that are ending. Moreover, we visit the music world and discuss those albums that are turning 50 years old.

       Have you ever wondered how student athletes prepare for a new semester? This issue answers the question in our Sports section. We speak to a senior and a first-year athlete about their routines to prepare for their respectives sports.

        All these stories and much more come with Issue One. If you would like to display your creativity, send me an email (nicolasrontanini@mail.adelphi.edu) to ask about signing up to write for The Delphian. Whatever questions, concerns, comments you may have, or if you would like to advertise with us, feel free to reach out to delphian@adelphi.edu to have your voice heard. I wish you all the best, and a safe and strong start to your semester.

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