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The Delphian is proud to announce that we received Outstanding Organization at the 2021 Virtual Brown and Gold Awards.  The awards took place on May 10.  Thank you to all of the writers, staff and faculty who helped make this possible.

Happy May Everyone,

We MADE it! As you all are preparing for finals I wanted to emphasize that while it’s important to study and work hard, please don’t forget to prioritize your well being. Get some rest, go for a walk, even read a copy of the award-winning newspaper, The Delphian in its 10th installment. Inside, you will find many interesting stories, such as:

A touching first-person story about men’s soccer athlete Vladislav Stepanov and his experiences with the war in Ukraine, his homeland. Our annual campus-wide event called Take Back The Night, helping those to speak out against domestic violence. More than $500,000 was raised on Giving Day on March 23. Other highlights in this issue are stories mentioning commencement of the class of 2022, how many majors at Adelphi seem to follow stereotypes when it comes to enrollment, the research conference recap, an incident during the holiday and our Day in the Life series. All that in the news section.

“Stranger Things” star Gaten Matarazzo stopped by Adelphi for a visit last month. Read about how the night went, in addition to learning more about magnificent student director Matthew Pezzulch and his story. If you haven't yet had a chance to be on TikTok, hurry and follow The Delphian while you’re at it. Read about how it originated and the interesting club on campus, Active Minds. Many religions have observances in the early spring, but look into one student and her journey through Ramadan, a month of fasting and sacrifice. The features section is also highlighted by how you can find a summer job, EAAT and a personal reflection.

Opinions sway left and right in this section as Disney updates their scenario about transgender awareness. Mental health is important but especially for health care workers. Learn about how Covid shook the world, especially with friendships. All that and more in the section.

Sports are highlighted with a Panther spotlight story about athlete Dylan Renner for men's lacrosse and a reflection on how much of a difference a year makes, with competition versus no competition.

We saved the best for last; issue 10 has come to end this semester with a bang. We hope that you have enjoyed this year's copies of The Delphian and look forward to our next edition soon. To all the graduating seniors, good luck to you and all your endeavors. For underclassmen, good luck to you moving forward to your next grade. For myself, it has been my pleasure to have been the head editor of this establishment for the 2021-2022 school year. If interested in becoming a part of the newsroom, email Delphian@adelphi.edu. This paper is in great hands. To all, enjoy your summer. 

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