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The propagation of hateful, racist and threatening comments have not been and will not be tolerated by The Delphian.  As the Editor-in-Chief I pledge to do my part to promote the voices of students and help create lines of communication between the administration and the student body.  As a staff, the editors and myself have been outraged and disheartened by recent events on social media.


As you will see from the News Section we have been, and will be, reporting on these events and will continue to provide truthful information to support the student body.  We encourage our peers to continue to share their stories with us to allow for accurate and informative reporting.


I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone thatThe Delphian is the voice of the students. This newspaper, run by your peers, is here to uplift the voice and stories of students at Adelphi University.  As a staff we seek to promote the events, communications and worries of students across campus.  


This past year our studens body and country have faced many hardships.  In the past we have shown our support of the Black Lives Matter movement and other recent social justice movements.  We will not in this moment turn out back on our own peers.  The Delphian will continue to support the students of Adelphi in any way that we can.  If you have any concerns please contact us at delphian@adelphi.edu.


For the rest of my term as Editor-in-Chief, I will do my part to promote these stories and show support for those on campus who have felt silenced for years.  


If you need support at this time, or any other time, please contact the student counseling center.  The student counseling center can be contacted at scc@adelphi.edu or at 516-877-3646.


Maria Giovanna Jumper


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