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Letter from the Editor

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The Delphian is proud to announce that we received Outstanding Organization at the 2021 Virtual Brown and Gold Awards.  The awards took place on May 10.  Thank you to all of the writers, staff and faculty who helped make this possible.

Welcome back everyone! I’m super excited to be named editor-in-chief for 2023! I would like to thank our most recent editor-in-chief Nicolas Rontanini, who just graduated, and Professor Liza Burby for giving me this opportunity and for helping me with my first issue in this role. I’m incredibly grateful for all their guidance throughout the fall semester and continuing over the break.

I have a long history with The Delphian and with Adelphi University in general; both of my parents attended Adelphi and met as writers for this newspaper at the news desk of the original Delphian office in the UC, room 307. My mom, Caren Prommersberger ‘91, was a sophomore at the time, and my dad, Richard Panchyk ‘92, was a freshman. My mom was editor of features in 1990-’91 and my dad was assistant news editor in spring of 1989, managing editor of news in spring of 1990, then the following two semesters he was editor-in-chief. My dad had a radio show at Adelphi’s WBAU with his friend starting in fall of 1990 called “Beyond the Beatles: From Wings to the Wilburys.” The show ran until the station went off air in 1995, and he appeared in a few episodes after he graduated. My mom also worked for the Oracle yearbook, the office being across The Delphian, for which she was editor-in-chief from 1989-’91. After graduating from Adelphi, they both went off to grad school, my mom at UConn (‘93) and my dad at UMass (‘94). They have been married for almost 29 years and friends for longer. My parents still keep in touch with fellow Delphian members from their time, and there’s even have a brick placed outside of the UC that states “Delphian Editorial Board 1985-1993,” containing initials of all the hard-working editors of that period, including my parents: RP and CP.

My passion runs deep for this paper. I am a proud legacy of these two and I can’t wait to continue my work on The Delphian. We have some great articles in this issue, and I’d like to thank all our writers for contributing over this winter break. I wish everyone a very good start to their spring classes and I hope you enjoy issue number six!

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Features and Entertainment Editor 


News Editor

Elizabeth Panchyk


Social Media Editor

Bianca Viana


Sports Editor

Joanna Reid


Production Editor

Mylo Fisherman


Opinions Editor

Andrew Smith


Delphian Advisor

Justin Kreese

Joseph D'Andrea

Liza Burby

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