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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

By Lizz Panchyk and James Gessell

Finding the perfect gift ideas for our friends, family and coworkers can be challenging. We’ve compiled a way to make that easier, highlighting 25 new products that are popular this season. We organized them into easy-to-use categories for everyone on your list and at a wide price range to fit every budget. We think it’s perfectly okay if you take our suggestions and use them to hint to others what you’d like to receive as a gift as well.

Dorm/Bedroom Decor

Storage Idea

Lib Bedside Caddy can hold electronic items like your phone, computer or tablet. It can be attached to your bed, desk or table and comes in six colors. A perfect gift for a neat freak! $25.99 on Amazon

Inviting Lighting

Ohbingo 30 LED Light String is 12-feet of warm white LED lights, perfect for attaching pictures if you use it indoors, but it can be used outdoors as well. $12.98 on Amazon

Seating Options Never have enough seating for your friends? Try Intex Inflatable Empire Chair, a blow-up chair in three different colors. Inflated it’s 44 inches x 43 inches x 27 inches. $30.72 on Amazon

Cool Down

For anyone who needs to keep it cool, this Woozoo Fan has multiple power settings and a moveable base. It even includes a remote so you can control it from the comfort of your bed. $72.99 at Best Buy

For Book Enthusiasts

Cookbook for College Students

Recipes Every College Student Should Know by Christine Nelson is a pocket guide to healthy snacks and meals that are easy to make, like egg salad sandwiches and tuna wraps. Perfect for anyone who has a passion for cooking. $9.99 hardcover or $5.99 for Kindle at Barnes & Noble

A Sci-fi Comedy Classic

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams was first published in 1979, but it’s still a must-have book for any college student. It follows the adventures of Arthur Dent, a guy whose house gets demolished and soon his planet is invaded by aliens. He and his alien best friend Ford Prefect escape the invasion and go on wacky space adventures with eccentric characters. There are many different versions, including a hardcover for $15.99 at Barnes & Noble

Another Cult Favorite

Red Dwarf Omnibus by Grant Naylor is another classic from 1992, which follows the adventures of space crew member Dave Lister, his dead annoying crewmate Rimmer, a well-dressed and smooth-talking cat humanoid, and a clean obsessed robot as they wander aimlessly through space in the Red Dwarf spacecraft. Definitely a worthwhile read. $22.69 on Amazon

Tech-nically Speaking

Get Charged If you’re someone who has no luck snagging an outlet in public to charge your phone, 2-Pack Miady Dual USB Portable Charger is for you. With a battery capacity of 10,000 Milliamp Hours and 5 volts, this handy device can charge your phone for hours. $19.99 for black and white; $25.99 for red and blue on Amazon

Bring on the Noise

It can be a challenge to find headphones perfect for gaming, but the Bengoo G9000 Stereo Headset will work on your PC, Xbox or Playstation. Built in is a noise-isolating microphone that can be used to chat with your friends while gaming. It comes in different colors, starting at $25.99 at Walmart

Stand at Attention

Whether you’re dorming or you commute, everyone is in need of some technology gadgets. The Suturun Adjustable Laptop Stand adjustable desk for most laptops will allow for unlimited movement and will be especially useful for completing Zoom classes and online assignments. $25.99 on Amazon

For Self-Care


Pure daily care Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser and Essential Oil Set acts as dehumidifier, air purifier, ionizer and night light. It includes 10 essential plant oils to use ranging from eucalyptus to jasmine to sweeten the deal. $49.95 at Walmart

Skin Therapy

Skin Calritea tea from Eve Milan is great for improving your skin. It can also fight off hormone- caused blemishes by detoxifying the liver and blood. A great product to benefit your physical health. $8 on

Practicing Gratitude

30 Day Gratitude Journal by Honey Bee is a great way to start the New Year and help improve your mental health with tips and exercises to boost your positivity and practice gratitude. $5.99 on Amazon

Light the Night

As the temperature gets lower, we need some additional warmth. How about an eco-friendly candle that smells oh-so good? The Cedar and Suede Soy Candle comes in three sizes, and the biggest one, 12.3 ounces, has three wicks and is priced at $15.95

Fitness Gear

Thirst Quencher

The YETI Travel Mug with Stronghold Lid can carry your water or even protein shake when you go to the gym. It can also work on a hike, road or boat ride. $39.99 at Dicks Sporting Goods

Go to the Mat!

TRX Mat is made of an anti-slippery ribbed material so you can do all kinds of exercises such as planks, push-ups and burpees. It’s for anyone who hates doing physical activity on hard floors. $24.99 at Best Buy

Tennis Ace

Beginner players will appreciate the Wilson Fusion XL Tennis Racket, which includes stop shock sleeves to reduce vibrations and an Airlite Alloy frame to make it lightweight. $19.99 at Target

Mini Massage

If you ever get sore and need something to sooth your muscles that isn’t expensive, then HoMedics Quattro Mini Massager is for you. It has a comfortable hand grip and special massaging nodes to help massage your muscles. Great stocking stuffer. $7.99 at Best Buy

OR (whichever looks or fits better)

Muscle Soothers

Athletes definitely need to stretch their muscles when playing a sport. The Idson Muscle Roller stick is a portable way to massage away soreness. $8.59 on Amazon

Gifts That Give Back

American Classics

If you love the American classic The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, show your love for this great piece of literature by buying a tote bag. Other literature is also available. For every purchase, proceeds go to fund literacy programs and book donations to people in need. $20 on

Retro Fit

For any 70’s fans, this 1973 Retro Affirmation T-shirt is a must-have to show your love for the decade. For every purchase, $5 is donated to the National Institute for Reproductive Health to help support public policy. $45 on

Tie-Dye Socks

Women’s Tie Dye Calf Socks made of merino wool, a natural, soft fiber, are comfortable and stylish. For every purchase, a pair is donated to people in need.They're men's styles too. $22 on

Just for Fun

Coffee Run

The OVRLNDR Travel Press is for people who need coffee on the go. It allows for both brewing and drinking wherevere you are. It’s the perfect gift for coffee lovers and brews up to 24 ounces. It comes in four different colors. $50 on

Hot Topics

Looking for a new game to play with friends that will stir up some hilarious conversations? Off Topic Adult Party Game for two to eight players is a race against time to come up with topics that you may just have to defend. $29.99 on Amazon

Musical Picks

Do you know someone who loves playing the guitar? Make Your Own Guitar Pick Punch will set them up so that they never have to buy new picks again. $20 on

Gift Cards for Gamers

If your friend is a big PC gamer, then a Steam gift card is right up your alley. Steam is an online digital distribution system for video games run by Valve. With an assortment of over 30,000 games, there’s lots to buy and play. $20, $50 or $100 on

Or try the Nintendo eShop gift card for Nintendo fans who own a Switch. This lets you buy games like Zelda Breath of the Wild or Metroid Dread on Nintendo’s digital store and play them through the Switch. $5-$100 on

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