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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

By Lizz Panchyk

Finding a gift can be a challenge, especially as the holidays approach. You may just be drawn to your standards and fallbacks, but if you want something a little more unconventional or personalized, check out this list to help to to find the perfect present!


Celebrate With a Laugh

$5.50 each

With every gift, there’s a card. Now you can find a neutral Christmas or holiday card at almost any pharmacy or store, but what about supporting a small business–and local artist–with a cute selection of decorated cards with familiar faces and logos? These cards will give you a laugh!


Creative Minds

$17.95 - $37.95

Looking to clear your mind creatively? The reusable Buddha Board, which comes in three different sizes, helps to soothe and relieve stress through expressive painting.

For Tea Lovers


Don’t spill the tea; brew your own with this tumbler that’s perfect for on the go. You can even make fruit water for a day of detoxing!

Soothe Your Neck Muscles


As college students, we’re constantly hunched over, causing neck and back pain. This neck wrap is filled with French lavender, and you can warm it up in the microwave or cool it off in the freezer for your preferred temperature.


Wake Up!


This alarm clock has multiple features, including white noise, playlists, a two-phase alarm and meditations. With crazy sleep schedules, this device will help you sleep better at night and create normal sleeping patterns.

Skip the Gloves


Are you someone who always has cold hands? This portable hand-warmer is for you. It comes in four different patterns and will stay warm for 3 to 4 hours.

A Nice Cold Beer


Whether you’re drinking beer or a soda, you may end up pouring the canned beverage into a glass full of ice. This little tool gives you the opportunity to remove the can top so you can fill your can with whatever garnish and ice you want!

No Headphones? No Problem!


With the seasons changing, you may want to wear a hat on your runs or while you’re running errands. Hats plus headphones can be tricky, so try this Bluetooth hat, where your ears stay warm and you can still listen to music wherever you go.


“Stranger Things” Fans


You do not have to travel into the Upside Down or the 1980s to play this game. Learn the rules and play with all your “Stranger Things” friends. Just try to avoid summoning the demogorgons.

Bring Back the Vinyl!


You heard me: vinyls are back! Available in 26 colors, this player streams directly from your phone. It also connects through Bluetooth and to your headphones!

Know a Mystery Fan?

$29.99 - $99.99

Hunt a Killer is where you can buy tons of different games to play and solve with family or friends. You can invest in their monthly memberships and get a new game every month, or you can try one of their single games, in which they have a myriad of choices.


For the Film Fanatic


If you or someone you know has a movie bucket list, this would make the perfect present. Stay on top of all watch must-needs with this scratch off poster.

A Puzzle and Decoration All in One!


Ever want your flowers to last? Here’s a surefire way to make sure they do. Enjoy building this beautiful Lego bouquet and keep it for all eternity.

Put Harry in Your House


Harry fans, it’s your time to shine! This gold sequin pillow can spruce up your room or dorm and Harry Styles will keep you company.

For the Gamers


If you ever wanted to make your own video game, now’s your chance. For less than $100, you can program a game of your own with this device.


Who Needs a Backpack?


Tote bags are in! This one has inside pockets and a zipper to ensure that everything stays inside. There are 19 available colors and it’s also machine washable.

Collapsible Coffee


Sometimes you have no place to put your coffee cup at school or work, and not all bags come with a cup holder. This cup can collapse into itself once you’re done with your coffee, no hassle.

Everyone Needs This


College students are known for their microwavable mac and cheese and ramen (or popcorn), so here’s a bowl holder that you can use in the microwave for safe transfering. It comes in a set of four in two sizes.

Your Hair Will Thank You


Tired of bed head and split ends? A satin pillow case might be just the remedy. Available in 16 colors and two sizes, this case may solve your hair-related problems.


De-pressure Yourself


This ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set has 8,910 acupressure points that helps you relax and unwind. Perfect for home, this set comes in seven different colors.

Cool Off!


Working out is great until you’re dripping sweat. This rechargeable neck fan will keep your neck and head cool; plus, it runs for 6 to 18 hours. It also allows you to still use your headphones or airpods.


The Great Puzzle


Raise a glass! This 252-piece, double-sided puzzle will keep you occupied for a while. It’s a great activity for puzzle and book admirers.

Produce the Best Insults


Did you know that Shakespeare had some of the best insults? This insult generator will allow you to compile some of the best and unique insults anyone’s ever heard!


Support National Parks!


These ethically sourced candles were made with conservation in mind. The company donates to keep the outdoors a safe and protected place and their candles will keep your house smelling good.

Every Step Gives Back


If you’re looking to donate to a specific cause, this is the store to go to. You can support everything from LGBTQ rights to people in need of meals and every purchase made will donate to the cause you’re supporting.

Nailed It


Find some unique nail colors to show off at work or school. The ingredients are non-toxic and the brand itself is sustainable and gives back to Project Color Corps with the power of color in mind!


Cool for Cats


Keep your cat occupied with this perfect puzzle box. It has three difficulty levels and dispenses the treats of your choice!

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