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5 Legendary Places to Visit in New York City

By Mariam Dzadzamia

The legendary J.P. Morgan Museum and Library in the middle of Manhattan. Photo by Mariam Dzadzamia

The main tourist sites of the capital city of the world, New York, are well known. But those main attractions of the city are mostly very crowded. There are other interesting places that are spectacular, accessible and must be discovered. Here are five recommendations from someone who has experienced them all.

  1. Lexington Candy Shop. It is one of New York's oldest restaurants, founded in 1925. In 2023 they celebrated the 98th anniversary of serving classic American fare to locals and tourists alike. In the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, people choose to wait for hours, so they get to taste classic New York on a budget. This place became the center of attention of such celebrities as Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Matt Dillon and many more. This is the only restaurant in the world where you can taste the original handmade cola.

  2. Greenacre Park. The waterfall, nature, greenery and just the perfect place to relax is located in the middle of the bustling streets of New York, but it looks nothing like them. This park is a multi-award winning so-called one of the "Secret Spots " of New York that opened in 1971. It has comfortable seating and a 25-foot-high waterfall that flows in the background of a space hidden in greenery, which is the business card of this place. Greenacre park, located at 217 E. 51 St., is ideal for having fun with friends or even a unique place to work or study.

  3. New York Public Library Rooftop. Although we live in a city of skyscrapers, not all of them are easily accessible. Everyone wants to enjoy a magical and legendary view while walking around the city in the evening. A roof over a library is an ideal solution for several reasons: 1) Entry there is free for all. 2) It is very convenient to get there by public transport to 42nd Street. 3)In addition to enjoying the rooftop view, you can study together in one of the most beautiful libraries in the world to make your visit more productive.

  4. The Morgan Library and Museum. As a result of the perfect and functional fusion of different branches of art, the specified product is always special. The legendary J.P. Morgan Museum and Library is located in the middle of Manhattan at 225 Madison Ave., between 36th and 37th Streets. The interior can leave visitors speechless. The museum includes Morgan's collection of rare books. The interior of his house, including the study and library, is decorated in the Italian Renaissance style, combining American elegance and elements of nature. Students can use discounts to enter the museum.

  5. Cafe Delia. In a city of diversity where we can share the cultures and cuisines of many countries, there are some that are underrated. One of these is Georgian cuisine. You will not have tasted such an ideal combination of familiar and frequently consumed ingredients. Cafe Delia is located near Washington Park, where you must try Adjarian Khachapuri, the so-called “cheese boat.’’

If you are a student who is ready to have an exciting and adventurous experience without breaking the bank, visit these outstanding places that await you.

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