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5 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Met Museum

By Mariam Dzadzamia

New York is a city for people of all different interests but there are some sights that everyone should see. Case and point: the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Those who are not interested in art may think that the Met is not worth their time but this is where they’re mistaken. Here are five reasons why you should add this historic site to your must-see list.

1. It is the largest museum in the United States of America. The museum's collection houses more than 2 million pieces of art, which means there's definitely a lot to see. If you decide to take in everything, a week might not be enough. In the museum, it is possible to listen to the information about the works while looking at them by using headphones, which will make your visit to the palace of art more productive.

A continuous painting by Thomas Hart Benton fills up a huge room in the Met. Photo by Mariam Dzadzamia

2. Museum collections cover many art fields and eras. Although the collections in the museum often change and one story is replaced by another on the wall, it is always possible to see the most legendary paintings among them. The museum's 19 departments house the works of artists who made world art history such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, Paul Gauguin, Caravaggio, Johannes Vermeer and many others. In the museum, you will find works for people interested in all eras, be it the Bronze Age, Renaissance, Baroque or Modern art. There are also exhibitions for those interested in installations, jewelry or sculpture.

3. Cheap date night. The standard entrance fee to the museum is $30. While every dollar is worth what you get inside, the museum offers New Yorkers an amazing opportunity to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art for just $1. Every Friday and Saturday from 5 to 9 pm you take advantage of this opportunity.

4. Various additional events. Wouldn’t you think that visiting the Met can be limited only to the adventure of walking in the galleries? Well, every week additional activities take place: musical evenings, lectures and educational workshops are planned for people of all ages, like dancing, singing, learning, observing and a labyrinth of art. Where else can you find such diversity?

In day or night, the Met’s beauty shines. Photo by Mariam Dzadzamia

5. Convenient location. This can be considered a benefit that makes the Met a must-see and the best area to spend a real evening in New York. It is located at 1000 5th Ave, New York, alongside Central Park.

If you're a student living in New York, you shouldn't miss the chance to step into the center of the art world.

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