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A Morning Delight: Post Hall Opens for Brunch

By Kennie Dionisio

This November, the doors at The Eatery at Post Hall swung open to take on a new culinary adventure: brunch. The beloved all-you-can-eat dining hall known for its late-night dinners is now open for brunch from 10:30 am to 2 pm from Monday through Friday, and many students are excited to spice up their morning. 

Photo by Ethen Lombardino

Reaching out to various Adelphi students throughout the beginning of the fall semester, Jennifer Schirmacher, Chartwells resident district manager, saw the demand for more dining options on campus. And with the high volume of traffic in the lower level of the University Center causing equipment issues in the dining hall, she wanted a way for students to enjoy their food hassle-free.

“The only other option on campus was Post Hall,” said Schirmacher. “Through a Q&A, we wanted to know if students wanted Post Hall open for breakfast or lunch and it was 50/50.” 

On Nov. 1, the @EatingAtAdelphi Instagram page officially announced that Post Hall was introducing brunch and the much-anticipated opening brought a wave of excitement among the Adelphi community. 

Post Hall’s brunch menu is crafted with a delectable array of options to suit a multitude of palates. Equipped with breakfast staples from fluffy pancakes and scrambled egg whites to more daring options such as spicy chicken and waffles and a bagel bar with 12 different spreads, Post Hall has now become a destination for students to feast— all for the value of one meal swipe. 

Junior psychology major Jessica Diaz visits Post Hall three times a week for a day out at brunch with her friends. “I would definitely recommend [eating at Post Hall] to other students,” Diaz said. “My favorite part about the new brunch options is how inclusive it is to students’ wants and appetites.”

The new addition to Adelphi’s dining repertoire aims to cater to the needs of all students with diverse schedules. With the three-and-a-half period of brunchtime, early birds and late risers alike can partake in the most important meal of the day. This flexibility encourages a diverse crowd to gather and enjoy a relaxed meal, turning the dining hall into a hub of social interaction during the weekday mornings.

To add some flair to the brunch experience, Adelphi Dining Services is planning themed events for the spring semester to bring a sense of festivity to Post Hall. The team is working on a grand opening party for next semester as well as a Mardi Grad brunch for February 2024.

As students savor in Post Hall’s scrumptious offerings and revel in the cheerful atmosphere, the shared moments and memorable brunch experiences contribute to Adelphi’s vibrant campus life. A delicious brunch is only one meal swipe away.

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