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Adelphi Cares Offers a New Way to Support Students

By Joanna Reid

In October, Adelphi announced a new service through the Student Counseling Center (SCC). Adelphi Cares is a new way to receive mental health treatment and counseling by taking a survey to determine one's levels of stress and depression. The director, Scott Zotto, sent out a school-wide email stating: “Our goal is to enhance student wellness by helping students identify—and do something about—stress, anxiety, depression and other problems that can interfere with academic, social and personal functioning.” 

The service allows students to get in touch with a counselor completely online. In going to ​​ one can make an account, then take a quick survey that asks questions about one’s levels of stress and depression. The survey asks questions where one can rank how often they have been feeling a certain way from “not at all” to “most or all of the time.” After this a counselor will review and respond to one’s answers.

The process is completely anonymous unless one chooses to set up an appointment with a counselor in person or via telehealth. Counselors can connect one with on campus resources or off-campus options towards treatment. 

Zotto stressed, “We urge all students to take advantage of this safe and easy way to find out if stress, anxiety or depression may be affecting you.”

Ultimately, Adelphi Cares aims to make mental health treatment more convenient. 

Chris Franklin, a senior psychology major, said, “I feel like this is something that could be beneficial to me and other students. It seems like an accessible and affordable option.”

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