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Adelphi Plans to Build High Line Across Campus

By Justin Kresse

Adelphi has decided to install a High Line across campus, stretching from the beautiful garden outside of Alumnae Hall and Harvey Hall all the way to the softball field just off of South Avenue. It’s all part of the Momentum 2 strategic plan.

Adelphi is planning to build a High Line like the one in the city spanning between this garden area outside Harvey Hall and the softball field. Photo by Justin Kresse

This new pathway should allow students to cut across campus in significantly less time while enjoying a beautiful view of our lawns and gardens. It’s in keeping with the fact that Adelphi is registered with the American Public Gardens Association as an arboretum that includes nearly 70 different types of trees and shrubs. Now students will get a new view of Nexus from above and a great vista of both the baseball field and softball fields for optimal observation during games. However, Adelphi clarified that it will not be responsible for users of this new pathway who get hit by fly balls.

One clarification that the university wanted to make is that like the High Line in New York City that many of us are familiar with, you will need a timed online ticket to access this beautiful new pathway. Acquiring a ticket will be as easy as opening the AU2GO app and navigating to a new “High Line” tab, which will allow users to schedule their visit. There are no current plans to charge for these tickets, but the university did clarify that payment could potentially be implemented in the future, depending on the upkeep costs.

Momentum 2 has not quite reached its goal yet in terms of donations, so if you or someone you know would be interested in this new Adelphi High Line, they should be advised to donate to the campaign to make it a reality.

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