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Adelphi Wrestling & Men's Volleyball Teams on the Way

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Maxmillian Robinson

Just as you thought this school couldn’t become more athletically gifted, think again! This fall, Adelphi will be adding two more sports to their athletic platform: a new wrestling team and a men’s volleyball team.

“I’m extremely excited,” said first-year student Gabe Ortega. “To be a four-year wrestler throughout high school, I am just in awe about the new opportunity Adelphi will be bringing here next fall. I can’t wait to put on a uniform, lace up my sneakers and wear my padded helmet again. The thrill will be unbearable to me.”

With Adelphi already being named one of the most prominent athletic organizations across Long Island—the university was just officially cited Best Sports Program on Long Island in the Bethpage Best of Long Island contest (read about it in The Delphian)—we can only wonder how great the wrestling program will be like here.

“As a weightlifter and trainer for the youth program at my gym, I’m super excited to test my skills on the mat,” said junior Matt Kelly. “I’m thankful that the opportunity has presented itself to me during my time here at Adelphi to be a part of a new program. Only negative thing I can take away from this is that I’ll only have one year to make a lasting impact on the floor. However, I’m more than capable of doing that.”

On top of a wrestling team, the Panthers will be adding a men’s team to the volleyball rosters as well.

Sophomore Ryan Muler said, “I always loved volleyball in high school. I was always too shy to break out of my shell, but when I did it was unfortunately too late. Now, I have that opportunity again to make up for my past mistakes and will take in every second of this new opportunity: being on the men’s volleyball team.”

Sure enough, Ryan, we’re all rooting for you guys to succeed in what you love. Go Panthers!

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