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Behind the Scenes with AU Athletics: The People Who Run Equipment and Business Logistics

Updated: Feb 4

By Lilyen McCarthy

Visitors to the Center for Recreation and Sports (CRS) are likely there to watch one of the Adelphi Athletics teams in action. At the pool, Adelphi swim and dive could be hosting a meet. On the court, women’s volleyball, women’s basketball or men’s basketball might be hosting a game. Out on Motamed Field, field hockey, women’s/men’s soccer or women’s/men’s lacrosse might be hosting a match. There’s also the tennis courts, home to our men’s and women’s tennis. 

You’ve seen our athletes in action during their regular season or many in home field advantage during their respective post-seasons. Coaches lead their teams to the playoffs, and athletes bring home the hardware. 

Kristen Shine, assistant director for Adelphi from 1988-'92. business operations, arranges teams' travel plans, among other tasks.

What about the activities no one is watching? There’s a lot that goes into Adelphi’s Athletic Department that our Panther fans don’t realize. In this first in a series of Behind the Scenes is a look at the Assistant Director for Business Operations, Kristen Shine. She arranges the teams’ travel plans, oversees the department and team budgets and oversees the equipment room. She also handles financial paperwork including credit card statements and expense reimbursements, serving as the liaison between the Athletic Department and the Finance/Budget Office. Finally, Shine serves as team administrator for men’s and women’s golf. 

Her favorite part of her job is connecting with student athletes each semester.

“I take pride in being able to help provide the best student athlete experience that they have throughout their years here and as a future alumni when they look back,” Shine said. “It is fulfilling to watch each student grow into their own and achieve so many great things throughout their time here.”

She connects directly with the athletes on destination tournaments/games where the teams are away for a longer period of time. She attended the women's volleyball preseason tournament in Michigan last fall. 

“You’re really able to get to know the players, who they are, why they chose Adelphi, how they are doing in their academics and so on, which is special,” Shine said. “Our athletes also love to stop in [to Shine’s office], which is also a nice time to connect.”

Another very important cog in the Athletic Department wheelhouse is Eugene Marquardt, the equipment manager. Marquardt oversees equipment ordering/distribution for all athletic teams, including jerseys, shoes/cleats and practice uniforms. He also oversees the athlete’s laundry loops. The equipment room employees collect athletes' laundry loops and wash/dry the clothes on them for next day’s activities. 

Equipment manager Eugene Marquardt played basketball from 1988-'92.

Marquardt is an Adelphi basketball alum himself, having competed from 1988-’92. His wife, Renee ’92, actually wrote for the sports section of The Delphian.

“My favorite part of the job is interacting with the coaching staff and athletes,” Marquardt said. “My biggest thrills are seeing them [student athletes] prepare on a daily basis and attending their games.”

Marquardt and Shine are just two important pieces to the Adelphi Athletic Administration puzzle. Without them, our Panthers wouldn’t be able to perform as well on the court or field. 

Follow along with our future issues to read more Behind the Scenes with Adelphi Athletics.

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