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By Making Everyday Tasks Easier AI is More Beneficial Than Not

By Lizz Panchyk

Ever since ChatGPT came out almost a year ago, artificial intelligence–or AI–has been buzzing as the popular and modern tool to use. If you think about it, we use AI on a daily basis — filters, autocorrect, electronic payments, facial recognition. All these tools are useful to us in our modernized world. The most popular new AI bots are now seen everywhere, from Snapchat to even Adelphi’s chatbot, Adele.

We use technology everyday, whether it's in our profession, for a class or just casually throughout the day. Remote work is still popular since Covid-19, and in a way, it has prepared our world for everything that came after it.

AI is taking the reins as an everyday used tool – from apps to computer programs to chatbots.

AI has set us up for the future. The biggest advantage of it is right in the workplace. It’s quick, it weeds out human error and it’s efficient. Technology is ever-changing and we need it to change with the times. The fast-moving pace may seem daunting, but in the end, we’re going to be able to work with the best and fastest technology.

“I think this just means it's time for humans to explore our full capacity, to step out of what's been known and create new jobs that will enhance our lifestyles,” said Ana Rodriguez ‘22, a graduate student and media assistant at Adelphi’s University Communications. “We’re stepping away from the monotonous and mindless jobs in order to create new ones. The industrial revolution is out and the entrepreneurial one is in. AI is just the beginning to this new world we’re creating.”

Artificial intelligence is nothing new, but the part that is intimidating is how quickly it is taking over normal life, even without us noticing. What we can do is use it to our advantage. It was made to help, not hurt, and as long as it’s being used in the right ways, it can actually provide much more for humans than expected.

“AI is taking care of the ‘busy’ work so that I can focus on the ‘real’ work: the creative process,” Rodrigeuz said. “Albeit, this is also the controversial part about AI. Some people think that we're dehumanizing the creative process through AI. I believe that AI is giving us more creative freedom by taking care of the monotonous tasks that aren’t really that important, just protocol.”

In general, AI can produce numbers quickly; it can uncover ancient historical texts, use facial recognition on unidentified people and accelerate medical research. It’s more than just ChatGPT.

I think that AI is a great opportunity to use technology in different ways and it’s already making our everyday lives easier.

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