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Campus Covid Cases on the Rise Prompting Yellow Alert

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

By: Ravyn Malvino

Earlier this month, Adelphi University’s Covid-19 alert level was elevated from blue to yellow after reaching 50 positive cases among the on-campus population of 3,560. (Blue means the active positivity case rate is less than 3 percent or active cases are less than 50 and yellow indicates the active positivity rate is more than or equal to 3 percent and less than 4 percent or has active cases greater than or equal to 50, but less than 75.) According to Adelphi’s Covid-19 tracking dashboard, of the 50 cases, 10 are staff members other than faculty, 35 are commuter students and five are residential students. Sentwali Bakari, PhD, vice president for student affairs and dean of students, sent out a campus wide alert on March 3 indicating that reaching100 active positive cases among our on-campus population will trigger a campus shutdown, according to current New York state regulations for public health and safety.

From the Adelphi Covid tracing website

This 1.4 percent positivity rate is likely due to an increasing number of students socializing and dining in groups and a lenient following of public health protocols like wearing masks, social distancing and limiting large gatherings.

“In regard to our recent change to Blue status I believe Dean Bakari said it best,” said Nicole Gaudino, MS, AGNP-C, Adelphi’s director of health services. “The uptick in Covid-19 positivity is occurring at colleges across the country, not just at Adelphi. Relaxing our attitudes toward mask-wearing and social distancing threatens not just our students and campuses, but our surrounding community as well. If we do not remain vigilant, we put in-person instruction and our campus operations at risk."

Students are encouraged to follow the same behaviors as in the fall in order to help keep on-campus active cases below 100 and the Adelphi campus operations open as they proved to be effective. Students must take responsibility for their own health and the protection of others and help keep the Adelphi community safe from the spread of Covid-19 by taking the Pledge to Protect.

They should also avoid in-person social activities, especially those that are indoors without masks, such as dining. If students are dining indoors with others, they should still practice social distancing and wear a mask when they are done eating and drinking, even if they are still seated. The Adelphi community should also avoid crowded spaces and group gatherings. Always wear your mask, wash your hands and, when possible, maintain social distancing.

As the Covid-19 vaccine continues to be administered, the Adelphi community may also wish to check their eligibility to be vaccinated. Even if you have received the vaccine, Covid-19 health and safety protocols should still be followed.

Additionally, Adelphi is continuing to require testing via Vault Health and the AU2GO Health Check to be filled out daily to help monitor and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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