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Consistency in Quarantine: The Panther Pandemic Recipe to Athletic Success

By: Maxmillian Robinson

When the Northeast-10 conference, which Adelphi competes in, suspended all competition for fall sports back in July, the future looked bleak for many athletes striving to improve their skills for the season. For others, professional aspirations were put in jeopardy. The resulting lack of practice and games and having multiple facilities getting shut down again due to the pandemic are ingredients that could easily leave many athletes with almost no resources to improve their game.

However, a few athletes remain unfazed by whatever stands in their way and have instead decided to use this time to create their own recipes for success.

Gordon Purdie Jr. eats, sleeps and breathes lacrosse into his everyday routine.

“My love for lacrosse and sports in general has held me accountable to live a healthy and active lifestyle,” says men’s lacrosse player Gordon Purdie Jr. “Each day I feel obligated to wake up, eat healthy and exercise throughout my day.”

Purdie Jr, a graduate student, feels confident that his same love for the sport will carry over into the next chapter of his life as well.

“I believe as a physical education teacher, it is important to practice what you preach,” Purdie Jr. said. “It’s my hope that I can lead future students in the right direction with their health and achievements through knowledge I have gained as a student athlete at Adelphi University.”

Even undergraduate student athletes agree with him, that consistency is key.

“My sister has been my running buddy for the past months,” says track and field runner Isabel Marsh. “Since we’re teammates it’s reassuring to know that I have someone to experience with. We both have our off days, but it just takes one brave soul to stay motivated and get each other going.”

Isabel Marsh relies on her sister as a running mate to train.

“The most important thing in staying consistent while playing basketball is to work on your skills every day,” says women’s basketball player Maeve McNeill. “Teammates and coaches notice when you go a long period of time, like the summer and you don't touch a basketball. It's important to dedicate time every day.”

But then again, how are these athletes able to develop new skills and apply them to their life outside of the sport?

“I believe what I have achieved as a student athlete will translate to the next chapter in my life,” Marsh said. “One major thing I’ve learned is time management. With better time management skills, I have been able to balance my academics, work and training. Additionally, I have become more goal-oriented.”

Marsh isn’t alone when saying her dedication to the craft opens up new skills away from just the sport.

“Every major life lesson I have learned has been because of sports,” McNeill said. “I have learned time management, dedication and teamwork, among many other things. Anything I or my teammates have achieved has been because of these values and they translate to everyday life. Wherever I end up I know I will be able to succeed because of the lessons I have learned on the court.”

Maeve MacNeill is constantly focused on basketball, even in the off season. All photos from AU Athletics

No matter where these athletes go in life, the passion to be better at what they do resonates with them.

“Knowing that I have the opportunity to better myself on the field, in the classroom, and to compete to win a national championship inspires me every day.” Purdie Jr. says.

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